(Video) Your Passions are God Guiding You

Are you giving your passions attention? Do you know what they are? Did you know that your passions are God talking to you?

When I first began my healing journey, I had no idea what my passions were. In fact, the only reason I made a decision to heal was because I was a miserable mom and wanted to be true unconditional love for my family. This was the only passion I was aware of. But as soon as I committed to healing, my world opened up and I discovered passions I didn’t know existed, the most important one being a desire to help people find a deep connection to God by loving and nurturing themselves unconditionally. That’s my passion. What’s yours?

I encourage you to watch this week’s vlog and take some time to think about your passions, and to honor them.

I’ve committed 2016 to stepping fully into my passions. You’ll see what’s manifesting soon when I launch a new free call that I can’t wait to share with you! This is the culmination of years of studying and discovering why we don’t feel loved, supported and guided in every area of our lives. I truly believe you’ll love the information and that it will change how you see yourself in the world! Keep your eyes open for the details. It’s coming in February!

Have a beautiful week!


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    1. Hey, Sondra! I’m going to assume you meant to write “blessing” instead of “messing!” Goodness gracious, I hope so! Lol! Thank you for the kind words and for being here. Much love!

  1. Thank you Terri!
    What you give to the world is truly beautiful
    You explain things so well, and i’ve finally started to understand what it means to love myself, and i have been listening to you for just 1 day))
    It is amazing, you are amazing, i really mean every word here

    Sending you my love from far away)))
    All the best to you

    1. You made my day, Anna! I’m so happy that I could be of service to you. Thank you for being here! Hugs!! Terri

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