Are you making room for your passions?

ARE YOU MAKING ROOM FOR YOUR PASSIONS? Dive deep into meditation and healing with us in this week’s edition of our Women Leaders of Love Own Your Worth Wednesdays to see what your soul is calling you to release from your life AND what it’s calling you to say yes to.


Ready to feel loved, guided, nurtured and supported in every area of your life, AND step into your greatest act of service? Become a Woman Leader of Love! Grab my FREE Women Leaders of Love ebook and three guided companion meditations to help you get started. And by doing so, you’ll receive a ZOOM link every week to join us in this live chat room so you can ask your questions and receive laser coaching.


We meet every Wednesday at 2 pm EDT. Join us on Zoom or, if you’d rather watch from your favorite social media platform, here’s a list of where we livestream. Make sure to LIKE each one or your favorite to receive notifications.



Have a beautiful week!

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