You’re Not to Blame for Your Mother’s Pain

“You’re not to blame for your mother’s pain.” I heard those words ringing in my ears some years ago after my mom had a stroke. I had just given her an energetic healing when I heard it once and then heard it again. I was doing everything in my power to help her feel better.

When I heard those words, I knew I had lived my life with the belief that I was to blame for mom’s unhappiness. I had been buried in guilt for years, believing that I was the one who caused her pain. I didn’t know this until I heard those words. As they filled my ears, my mind flashed with pictures of how this belief affected every relationship in my life. Whether I felt guilty for my hubby, my kids, my sister, or my friends, I had a false belief that their pain was my fault. This belief even affected my work. I felt I couldn’t get it right.

Guilt is debilitating. It shuts you down to receiving love, abundance, miracles, money, health, happiness, you name it. When you feel guilty and to blame for others’ pain, you shut out peace and joy. You spend your life performing, trying to do everything right. And in your effort to do things right, you put yourself on the back burner.

My mom always put herself on the back burner. Her greatest desire was to do things right for our family. She disconnected from her heart and the way she was created because she thought this was the loving thing to do. But by putting herself on the back burner, she was often an emotional mess and many times took out her pain on my sister and me. She lived by the belief that it was her job to make us “be good so we would feel accepted and loved by other people.” The problem was that I didn’t feel loved and accepted by my mother. I felt I couldn’t get it right. And, thus, my false belief was born.

I could go back generation after generation and tell the same story of my mamaw and my great grandmother. This is what we do as moms. We believe the loving thing to do is to put ourselves on the back burner so our families will feel loved. But instead, we perpetuate a cycle of pain and struggle. And just like I did with my mother, I took on the belief that I caused her pain. That’s what mom did with her mom, and so on, and so on.

So how do you end the cycle that has been handed down from generation to generation?

You stop putting yourself on the back burner. You make a decision to take time for yourself and go within and heal. You stop performing, trying to do everything right. You let go of your guilt.

On this Mother’s Day week, I invite you to make a commitment to take full responsibility for your own happiness and healing, and to end the cycle of pain that has been handed down through the years. You have the power to stop this pain, Mom! You simply need the tools.

I want to invite you to a one-day workshop that will change your life and your family’s. You will walk away with tools, tools and more tools to release your emotional chaos, guilt and worry. You will discover that the greatest gift you will ever give your family is to end the pain you’re holding onto. You will become an Enlightened Mom. You will be more joyous, more playful, more abundant. You will be the calm in the storm. You will be the grounding cord for your family.

But here’s the deal. It has to start with you making a commitment to heal.

Nothing will ever change unless you clean up the hidden subconscious beliefs that keep you feeling buried in responsibilities. You can’t make others happy. You can’t make them feel whole. You can’t make them feel abundant. The joy you want for your family can only be found within. As long as you continue to disconnect from who you are and how you were created, you will never know what it’s like to feel truly loved. And neither will your family. It starts with you mom.

On this Mother’s Day, I invite you to take a stand and end the cycle of settling. You have a choice. You just have to make that choice.

I want to encourage you to run…not walk to this event. When we look at the struggles going on in our world from an energetic perspective, you see that very few are open to receiving abundance and miracles simply for being who they were created to be. Instead, everyone is pushing and shoving, trying to get it right and get ahead. They’re buried in guilt. And they’ve learned it from all of us mommas.

So here are the details…

Moms, Money & Miracles

Tools to End the 4 Massive Mistakes Moms Make that Create Pain and Struggle So You and Your Family THRIVE Instead of Survive!

May 18th

Destin, FL

Click here to grab your seat now!

YOU have the power to shift your life, your home, and your work, but you have to claim that power and say, “No MORE!” What would happen if you made that decision today? How would your life change? How would your family’s lives change?

The greatest gift you can give your family is to finally love and honor the way you were created, putting God first in your life, so your family will do the same.

THIS is the PERFECT Mother’s Day Gift for the whole family!

I hope you’ll join me at this LIVE event. You AND your family will never be the same!

I can’t wait to see you there!

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