Surrendering My Oprah Adventure

I woke up this morning with weird images in my head, thinking about my Oprah adventure.  Hopefully, you’ve seen my video blogs by now and voted for my audition.  If not, see the videos below and CLICK HERE to vote for my online audition.  And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me fill you in quickly before I tell you about my morning. It was rather interesting!

I’m trying to win my own show on Oprah’s new network, OWN.  I want to bring my Enlightened Mom message out into the world.  In spite of the fact that I didn’t get a call-back at the live audition in Atlanta this last weekend, I am still holding my intention to go to the next round with my online audition.

The online audition ends this Saturday, July 3rd at 11:59pm Pacific time.  At that point, from what I understand, the producers will go through all 9,000 plus tapes (yes, there are three zeros behind the 9) and determine who they want to move on to the next level.  With that decision will be an invitation to come to Los Angeles sometime in July to see who will go on to compete in the Your OWN Show reality competition.  What that entails, no one is saying.  And THERE was my morning dilemma.

I woke up with pictures running through my mind of what this reality competition might require.  You see, I’ve tried to dig deep within the OWN site to figure out what is going to happen at the “reality” level.  Forget getting my own show!  This reality thing has got me stumped.  The one message I did come across through all of my digging is that it seems there will be “challenges” in different situations to determine who the best host is.

I guess the word “challenges” has a whole different meaning in my subconscious mind.  As I awakened thinking about what this reality show could possibly be like, I saw myself gagging, eating some foreign object, and all the while trying to speak clearly.  I saw another picture of myself tethered to a crane, trying to look cool, calm and collected with a mic in my hand. Are you getting the picture?  That’s when it hit me, “This isn’t Fear Factor, Terri!”  Remember that show a few years ago where people ate “stuff” and jumped out of helicopters just to see who had the most guts?

I knew I had to let go of my fears.  My mental movie told me that there was conflict within me.  One part of me said, “Yes, I am in LA!”  The other said, “No way!  I’m afraid.”  I know this kind of inner conflict will shut you down to what you want, so it’s important to get really clear and let go of your fear. That’s when the truth hit me.  God will protect me.

My mental movie suddenly stopped.  New pictures in my mind revealed themselves of how I had gotten here thus far with my Enlightened Mom message.  Every step of the way has been guided.  And with each step, there has only been growth, joy, abundance and love.  So, I asked myself, “Why wouldn’t I trust God to guide me with this show?  So what if I have to do something that stretches me beyond my boundaries.  I’m not going to be in a situation that I can’t handle.  Whatever happens, I will learn and grow from it.”  And with that, I let go and surrendered my Oprah adventure.

All of the sudden it no longer mattered whether I got a call-back from my online audition.  My whole intention of doing this is to bring out this Enlightened Mom message.  Upon surrendering my fear about the reality show, I knew that if it is my divine path, then I will no doubt end up on that show and will definitely learn and grow.  And if it’s not the path to take out this message, God will guide me to the next step and a whole new adventure will show up.

CLICK HERE to watch my online audition.  Underneath the tape you’ll see a big green button that says VOTE!  Please vote as often as you want and let all of your friends know!  Thank you for your support!

Video #1: Making my announcement

Video #2: Getting my hair done

Video #3: Up at the crack of dawn

Video #4: First look at the audition

Video #5: Meeting a new friend in line

Video #6: The latest scoop

Video #7: I just auditioned…and sang!

Video #8: The results are IN!

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