A New Way to Pray

Do you ever feel as if you pray for the things you want or need and feel as if your prayers never get answered?

I used to feel that way and I know a lot of people do. I bring this up because I had an interesting conversation with a young girl this week while checking out at a local department store.

I’m not sure how we got on the conversation, but she told me she had put in a request for a job that would move her to a bigger city.  It would also move her up the ladder within her present company.  This was something she REALLY wanted.

We chatted a few moments more and then I suggested that she see herself working in her new job, to FEEL it as if it was so, and to give thanks for it.

“That’s exactly what I’m doing,” she said. “You know, I used to pray and pray for things and life was always hard,” she continued. “Then one day I decided to pray differently. I decided to give thanks for what I was asking for. All of the sudden life got so much easier! I’m pretty sure I’m going to get this job.”

Gratitude is the key to opening up to receive.

When you sit in gratitude, you sit in faith. You send a message out to the universe that says, “I know I am worthy. And I am sitting in gratitude, knowing that I will be supported and loved.”

Most people pray and say things like, “God, if you’ll let me…” or “God, if you think it’s right…” We don’t allow ourselves to receive because we are awaiting a response from God that says it’s okay to receive. But we are the ones who hold the key to our abundance.

Whether you’re wanting a better job, to feel better about yourself, wanting guidance or wanting a better relationship with someone you love, if you feel this at a deep level and it’s coming from your heart, you’re being shown where to go. This is God guiding you. Instead of limiting God and shutting down to the guidance, give thanks and see yourself having what you want in your life. Feel it throughout your body as if you’ve already received it.

When you sit in gratitude for the things your heart desires, knowing this is where you’re being guided, you create an opening to receive them!

In my book, The Enlightened Mom, I tell a story from many years ago when I was praying about money. I sat in prayer and shared all of my thoughts and fears with God. Then I went into gratitude for guidance and for helping me heal. Immediately I got an answer. It said, “Terri, I didn’t put you on this planet to suffer. I put you on this planet to prosper.”

Whoaaaa!!!!! I was so blown away by that. That message was the kick in the rump I needed– to see that I was the one indeed who limited my financial abundance. Not God. I got the answer by sharing my fears, but then I sat in gratitude that healing had already occurred. And, boy, did it! That message changed my life!

So how are you limiting God? Are you sitting in gratitude for the things in your heart? Where is your heart guiding you?

I invite you to check in with yourself and see where you are being guided. Sit in prayer and meditation. See yourself in the picture you want to create and give thanks. Feel everything. Give thanks to God for lifting your limiting beliefs. And THEN stay open. You might be surprised at what you receive when you give yourself permission to pray differently!

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  1. Thank you for the reminder to always be in gratitude and give thanks to the promises that I am to receive. An abundance of beautiful Blessings with spouse, own children, and prosperity sent. Thank you again. In Joy and Happiness, Sandy.

  2. Hey Terri, thank you so much for talking about this. Maybe you can help me get clear on something? I have been living in an almost overwhelming feeling of gratitude lately and seeing in my mind a lot of things that I’d love to come into my life. This morning right when I started my meditation/prayer, I clearly heard in my head, “Ask and it will be given to you.” I got chills and another wave of gratitude washed over me. What I need the clarity on is the “asking” part. How is the right way to “ask”? You are absolutely right about how I have gotten used to praying. God, if it’s OK…God, if it’s possible… It’s not that things aren’t happening in my life. Yesterday I set the intention of checking in with a potential client and then before I even had the chance to do it, HE emailed ME. And today, after I was told to ask and that it would be given to me, one of the things I “mentioned” to God that I would like to happen is to attract bigger paying jobs writing pieces that excite/interest me, then just now I got an email from a magazine that I’d queried months ago giving me the go-ahead on a story I pitched them — a national magazine. I’m stoked about that and I can see things happening, but although I feel that “mentioning” my desires to God might be too timid, I feel uncomfortable outright asking for the really big things. Do I deserve them? Do I have the right to ask for my dream house when there are people living on the street? And how? How do I ask? Is it really asking, or is that term inaccurate? I’ve always been a little confused about what Jesus said about praying as if you’ve already received, yet apparently I’ve done it, am maybe doing it now. I have no problem seeing in my mind the life I desire, and I haven’t even had to put much effort into being grateful lately, so is that enough? Is it really that simple? Could I be doing things differently to be more in harmony with God and in His flow? I really appreciate your input and value your opinion, Terri. Thanks so much!

    1. Wow, Lisa, it sounds like you’re really in the flow! Congratulations on all the miracles you’re manifesting. Regarding your question about asking, I believe asking is all about being in alignment with your heart which seems to be exactly what you’re doing. When you’re in alignment, you’re putting God first. You’re holding a high vibration and that’s why you open up to receive the miracles. However, where you seem a tiny bit stuck is with asking for the bigger things in life. It sounds as if you’re running one of those good girl rules in your mind that says you shouldn’t receive too much. My thought is that if you’re feeling a draw to those things that will bring you joy, you are being asked to open up and receive them. You are getting guidance. Instead of holding onto doubt or guilt, ask yourself what gift you are giving others by living in abundance. When we allow all the abundance in that the universe wants to give us, we become joyful example for others to follow so they can live abundantly, too. I have one final thought for you, Lisa. Go within and ask your inner child what belief she’s holding on that says she doesn’t deserve magnificent abundance in every area of your life. Thanks again for writing! Hugs!

  3. I have read on Beliefnet.com if a person is thankful for every good and bad thing that life hits us with. He will bless His children something better than we wished for.I was thankful I was let go by Allvoices.com. I found a job as a digital journalist with Ground Report one day after I was released by my previous employer.

    1. That’s awesome, George! Thank you for sharing your story. Energetically, when we give thanks for ALL things, good and bad, we raise our vibrations to open up and receive with grace and ease. You sure did!

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