Ch-ch-changes, including my name!

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog. That’s because I’ve been on a whirlwind of change, including my name. I’ll explain the name change in a moment, but want to share what’s been happening first.

I know many of you are aware that my hubby, Charlie, and I bought a coffee roasting company in north Georgia in July, and then bought a home soon after. Remember the “bear” story? Well, we love our new home! Here’s a picture from my back porch.

I had an interesting thing happen after we purchased our home. Our house in Florida went up for sale in early August and I stayed there to keep everything in order. Charlie went ahead and moved to Georgia. For a month we lived in two different places. I hated this!

All during August, we didn’t get much action on our home in Florida. Thankfully, I truly believed this was Divine and felt we were being protected from too much stress of people coming in and out of our home. I didn’t want “looky-loos” and only wanted “hot” buyers.

Being apart from my hubby was the biggest stressor. I felt I “needed” to stay in Florida to make sure the house looked great for when our “hot” buyer showed up. Plus, I didn’t want to take our dogs to Georgia until our yard was fenced there.

Charlie searched over and over for weeks to find someone to build a fence, but kept coming up short. He was sooo frustrated and so was I. Finally, he flew home in late August for a short weekend together. As I got in my car after saying goodbye at the airport, I broke down and cried. I just wanted to go with him. I was ready for a change and our new life together.

As I drove home teary eyed, I knew the fence had some kind of meaning. I know nothing shows up by chance. So I went home and looked up “fence” in the book, “Mary Summer Rain’s Guide to Dream Symbols.” It said fence meant, “self-imposed barriers.”

Yep. That’s exactly what I was doing to myself. I went within and found that I was creating barriers by not trusting that my house would sell without my being there. Plus, I wasn’t trusting that a fence would soon be built. I was afraid of the difficult change I believed I would face by bringing my dogs to a home without a backyard to play and roam.

With these realizations, I made a decision. It was time for a change. It was time to go to Georgia.

As soon as I told Charlie I was ready to come to Georgia, he found a man to build a fence that week! Before I got there. Woo hoo! I knew as soon as this happened that, once I got to Georgia, our home in Florida would sell. And that is exactly what happened!

The week of my arrival into our new home, our old house sold for more than we had anticipated AND for a higher amount than any other home had sold in the area! Woo hoo!

I’m so grateful I moved into trust and let go of my self-imposed barriers. By being willing to change, I shifted my energy and raised my vibration, opening up to magic and miracles.

I know for many, change scares us. We want to hold onto the old because it feels safe. But when we don’t trust and change, we hold onto a lower vibration and continue to feel stuck.

It’s all about our energy and vibration. It’s all about letting go and trusting. Which brings me to my name change.

I’ve wanted to drop Amos from my name for some time now. When Charlie and I got married, my kids were still in school. Kolbi, my youngest, asked me to keep Amos in my new name, so I hyphenated it. But now my kids are grown and, with this new life, I felt it was time to let Amos go. But if I’m honest, I’ve been scared to death.

My ego has wreaked havoc on me because “I have already established myself as an author and coach.” That has been a hard one to let go. But my spirit tells me this is my path. I know energetically, Terri Lea Britt is in alignment with my heart and is a more loving vibration for me than Terri Lea Amos-Britt. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Love?

We humans just want to feel safe. So we tend to be afraid of change. Or, if you’re like me, you want the change, but have subconscious beliefs that keep you from being in the flow. That’s when you have to go within and see what’s blocking you. You have to make a decision to change so you can be an expression of love. You have to trust and let go of the old, so you can create the life you want.

What are you ready to change? What would your life look like if you said yes to love?

Until next time!

Terri Britt  

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  1. Congratulations on all the “new” things you’ve created. I enjoyed reading your article very much. I found much comfort in it. Thank you.

  2. Isn’t it crazy how we put up these barriers without realizing it! I am so happy for you Terri… all the wondering movements in your life. This reminded me of a few of my own barriers to take down. Thank you for this reminder.

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