25% OFF Mother’s Day Special! 3 DAYS ONLY!

I’ve been having a blast this last week chatting with women who responded to my blog on being psychic. Several have mentioned wanting to open up their intuition more and to clean out the cobwebs. So, in honor of Mother’s Day, I’ve decided to knock 25% off of ALL of my products. Everyone of them is all about shifting your energy, raising your vibration and opening up to your intuition. 

You see, opening up to your intuition is all about energy. If you have emotional blocks that keep you stuck in your head, your intuition isn’t going to be clear. When I was trained at a clairvoyant school, each class the teacher would put two of us together to read one another’s energy. If you had what was called a “matching picture,” you would get blurry and unable to read. Then we were taught how to clear the fogginess so we could be neutral and read clearly. Those sessions were no different than daily life. When you get fuzzy and are not tapped into your intuition, it’s because you have a “matching picture” in your mind that is being mirrored to what’s happening in your life. It’s all about energy and clearing it out!

Wouldn’t you love to expand your intuition and knowingness? Wouldn’t you love to feel connected and tapped in? Wouldn’t you love to ask for guidance and then RECEIVE answers? I know I do! Every product that I’ve ever created is all about shifting your energy and connecting to the Divine for guidance and miracles. All of the tools are the ones I have used on my journey. And let me tell you, they work wonders! So, for this Mother’s Day, after being inspired by all of the wonderful conversations with my blog, I am taking 25% ALL of MY PRODUCTS. All you have to do is input Coupon Code: For Mom, once you’re in the checkout.

This sale lasts three days only, starting now until Wednesday, April 30th, at 6pm EST.

Click here to start shopping for the mom in your life or for yourself! Or, for a quick rundown, here is a list of my products and how they will help!

  • The Enlightened Mom book: THIS IS NOT HOW TO PARENT YOUR KIDS, although you will become a more loving, playful, and tapped in parent if you are a mom! This book is about clearing out the energetic blocks that say you’re not worthy of receiving. It’s all about tapping into the Divine Mother inside of you and aligning yourself with God so that you can receive guidance and wisdom. It’s a step-by-step guide to raising your vibration. And as you do, you will be clearer with your intuition! I do talk about my path as a mom and some of my experiences, but what I’ve been told from women who are not moms is that it helps you see the programming you took on from your families. I’ve even had 70-year-old women do The Enlightened Mom work!
  • The Enlightened Mom Meditations: this is a set of 25 guided meditations that go hand-in-hand with The Enlightened Mom book. With each meditation, you will release a hidden subconscious belief that keeps you stuck and foggy in your life.
  • Stepping onto the Path 4-part Audio Series: This is a crash course consisting of 4 sessions, each about an hour. The audios are filled with exercises and the main tools I use daily to shift my energy and raise my vibration.
  • The Enlightened Mom Abundance Program: a discounted bundle of The Enlightened Mom book, CDs, plus Stepping onto the Path crash course. And you’ll receive another 25% off with this Mother’s Day Special!
  • Message Sent book: This was actually my journal to awakening. Think of “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” but only my story. Each passage is filled with information of daily situations that I cleared to become a more joyful, connected person. And after each passage, you’ll see a “Thoughts for Your Journey” section to guide you deeper into your truth.
  • Message Sent CD: This CD is magical! It consists of five meditations, all put to music. Richard Arajo of Voice of America Radio said, “Most mediations take you out of your body. Terri’s CD takes you straight to your heart.”

I hope this little rundown helps. If not, you can read more in-depth information by clicking on the names of each product. Or you can go directly to the Store main page by clicking here.

Don’t forget, this Mother’s Day Special Ends Wednesday, April 30th, at 6pm EST! Make sure to input coupon code: For Mom.

Thanks for being here!

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