When Mom Heals …..The Family Heals ….. The World Heals

Imagine a huge stadium where moms from around the world are gathered to laugh, cry, expand and heal together.  Imagine that every mom here feels loved and celebrated.  Imagine that YOU are one of these moms.

Wouldn’t it be fun to be a part of something like this?  Wouldn’t it feel awesome to know that you, Mom, are joining moms from around the globe to stand together in healing, loving and honoring each other just for who you are?

I had this vision many years ago.  When I first saw this picture, it scared me.  It wasn’t something I dreamed up.  It was shown to me.  I have to say I laughed at it the first time I saw it, never believing that it could happen.  But something inside of me said, “This is real, Terri.  Pay attention.”  So I did.

For the last ten years I have paid attention, recognizing and releasing the limiting beliefs inside of me that said this vision couldn’t happen.  And with each healing, I have taken tiny steps to allow it to come to fruition.  And now it is.

I am so excited to say that beginning October 4th, the first Moms:  Healing Ourselves, Healing Our World Global Tele-summit is taking place.  (No, it’s not in a physical stadium, yet, but in the world stadium of the Internet.)  Nothing like this has ever been done before.  We have gathered together 16 “Moms of Influence” to share their stories of healing and transformation, and how they each created lives and homes of passion, purpose, love, and abundance.  And get this…it’s free!  We want everyone to have access to this information!

Moms from around the world are signing up now to participate in this inaugural event. Won’t you join us?   Won’t you take a stand for healing your life, Mom?  This IS the greatest gift you can give your family.

As you make a decision to heal your life, you end pain and suffering.  By saying Yes! to you, you set the tone for everyone you love to heal.

When mom heals, the family heals….the world heals!

If you’re ready to take this stand together with other moms, please click here to read more!

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