My Hubby’s Miraculous Recovery From Open-Heart Surgery

My hubby, Charlie, had an unexpected triple bypass open-heart surgery a few weeks ago. You would think that life would be very slow-moving right now. NOT! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of healing for Charlie. I can’t keep the man down!

I knew it was going to be this way. When Charlie had a double hernia operation a few years ago, he was on a ladder a couple of days later doing some repairs on our home! It was no different this time around.

I walked into the Intensive Care Unit the morning after Charlie’s open-heart surgery and if I had been five minutes later I would have had to search the man down. He was up and walking out of the room to a different wing of the hospital. By the next day, Charlie was wiggling around in his socks and hospital gown, pretending to be dancing. I think it was the pain meds!

I actually liked hanging out with Charlie in the hospital. I’m not usually a fan of the smell there (I don’t know many who are!), but those drugs he was on made it a lot of fun. He was soooooo amorous! Woo hoo! All he wanted to do was have me sit in the bed with him and neck and make out! Boy, I hated when he got off of those drugs!!

One day a chaplain came into the room and saw us cuddling in the bed together. Two of our daughters were there, as well, but the chaplain looked at Charlie and me and said, “Wooo, there is a lot of love in here!” We laughed and I told her that I had found the secret to quick healing by whispering sweet nothings and a little dirty talk into my hubby’s ears! With a twinkle in her eye, she said that I needed to teach our girls that lesson and that this was a good thing in the eyes of God! LOL!

Charlie got out of the hospital in record time and has already been back to work. He is walking around our mountain daily, which can be quite a trek, and even cleaned out a closet this weekend because he felt he needed to be productive in some way. I think I’m going to send him back to the hospital every now and then if he’s going to act like this! And, especially if he can have more of those pain meds and want to neck in the hospital bed again!!

All kidding aside, I am so grateful for Charlie’s miraculous recovery. But I truly believe his attitude has been the key ingredient to his healing.

After the initial shock of being told he had to have surgery, Charlie took on an attitude that a great healing was occurring. Instead of living in fear about it, he knew that a gift was being revealed. Of course he was a little nervous. Having your chest ripped open and your heart shut down to do major surgery is scary. Charlie knew exactly what they were going to do in the surgery, step by step, because he used to be in medical sales and has watched about 150 of these procedures. This added a little bit of fear because he knew what his body was about to endure. But he decided not to focus on this and, instead, chose to focus on the good.

Life is all about attitude.

At every “Y” in the road, you get to choose how you’re going to walk through it. You can feel like the worst thing in the world is happening. Or you can believe that a healing is occurring. And when you do this, you sit in gratitude. This raises your vibration and helps you heal. I believe this is why Charlie is doing so well.

Another reason I believe Charlie is having a miraculous recovery is because he raised his vibration into healing when he took action with things that make him feel good. When he made a decision to clean out that closet this weekend, he did something that spoke to his heart and made him feel alive. It’s the same with walking around the mountain to get his blood and heart pumping. The doctors asked him to do this, and it could have been something that Charlie resisted, but he didn’t. Instead, he looks at being outside in the fall air as an opportunity to not only get physically healthy, but also to heal spiritually and emotionally, as well.

You may be wondering how Charlie’s heart surgery has anything to do with his spiritual and emotional well-being. Heart issues are based in a belief that says, “I have to give up me to be loved by you.” Charlie has really been working on letting go of this belief in his life and truly standing in his truth. But with that, he has to embrace and release old ways of being. Charlie’s recovery is allowing him ample time to go within and heal.

Charlie is embracing this journey as an opportunity to heal physically, spiritually and emotionally. He knows that his heart issue didn’t just show up by chance. Nor is it some punishment from God. It’s simply his path to take him closer to God. THIS, I believe, is why he’s having a miraculous recovery.

Every situation in your life is an opportunity to heal and connect to your truth, which really means to move into alignment with God. Everything, no matter how traumatic, is a gift. And just by living with this attitude, you raise your vibration and become more joyous, walking through life with a little more grace and ease than if you chose to resist life’s difficulties.

So what’s happening in your life that you’re resisting? How would the experience change if you shifted your attitude and embraced the healing? I encourage you to try this attitude for a bit. See what happens. And, as always, share your thoughts with us. We all learn from each other and we want to hear from you!

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  1. Wow, absolutely amazing. I knew he would do very well and I believe it’s due to your strong spirit and attitude too! Remember to stop and smell the roses there Charlie.


  2. Boy! Thank you so much, Terri! I really needed to hear this. I SO RESONATE WITH THIS STORY!

    Hearing about Charlie carrying on in the hospital made me laugh out loud!

    I, too, had alot of fun in the hospital this past Spring and enjoyed my time there so much feeling fully supported by the Universe in my clear intention and prayer to restore my self fully to radiant health, with the loving prayerful support of many others. I had such a happy time in the hospital I didn’t want to leave. I loved how it felt to receive true care. Despite the scary appearance, I felt completely aligned with well being. It was a decision I was easily able to make.
    My issue was also my heart.

    ” I have to give up me to be loved by you ” absolutely resonates. Oh, My.
    Thank you for that. That says it all.

    My love to you and The Mighty Miraculous Charlie!


    The Mighty Miraculous Martha
    doing her best to love this good dear heart one day, one hour, one moment at a time of this precious life


  3. your story gives a lot of strength and hope but above all is a good reminder of how to deal with life.
    thank you for reminding us xxx Mirka xx

  4. This same thing just happened to me. On Memorial Day 2016, 1:40 PDT I suffered a major heart attack. Once at the hospital the verified I had 3 arteries blocked and doctors couldn’t understand how it didn’t kill me. A day later I was scheduled for open heart triple bypass surgery. The surgeon had just transferred to this hospital (coincidence?). NO angel sent to fix my heart (Yes). I woke up in ICU told them to stop the pain meds. That I was fine. That night I sat up and walked short distance to chair but I was up and walking. Next morning when my wife came to visit they told my wife they were transferring me out of ICU because I was doing so good. That afternoon day two I was walking the halls of the hospital enjoying the Nurses, doctors and visiting with my wife. Then on the third day they sent me home! Yeah Home 3 days after surgery with just a few minor pills for pain and my heart but felt great.

    Today 18 days since surgery I’m at the gym running and enjoying my life. How can this be? I prayed to the Holy Spirit to heal me and take away the pain. I have faith this would be done and our Lord never fails me! God bless you all!

    Wait till you hear the rest of my story.

    1. Woohoo! That’s incredible news Christopher. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Have a beautiful day! ~Terri

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