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I’m so happy you’ve found your way here to grab my free audio gift, Message Sent: Meditations for Retrieving the Gift of Love. Did you know that this CD was completely guided? It’s a rather wild story! I would love to share it with you. If you’re intrigued, please read on. However, if you don’t have the time right now, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and grab your meditations by inputting your name and email address in the box below.

So here’s the story…

I was in New York at a book expo promoting my book, Message Sent. (The book and CDs are companions and work great together in helping you heal.) While at the expo, a woman came up to me in the bathroom of all places and said, “You have to get your tape done.”

I was dumbfounded. I had just met this woman and sat by her at breakfast, but we hadn’t discussed anything other than our books because we were listening to a speaker. I wasn’t sure what she was talking about and probably looked completely confused. I asked, “Are you reading me?

She said, “Yes. Yes! You have to get your tape done!”

“My audio tape or my demo tape?” I asked. I had been chewing on creating an audio tape of meditations for some time, as well as a speaking demo tape. I had no idea which one she meant.

“Audio, audio. And you must get it done within the next 30 days!”

Talk about a kick in the rump! Sometimes this is the way the Universe has to work, especially for me at that time. I wasn’t great about always listening and heeding God’s guidance back then. So I had to get a swift kick in the rump to get moving in a women’s bathroom in New York City!

I went home and called Rashid Lanie, an acquaintance who played the meditations at Agape, the spiritual center I attended back then in Los Angeles. I sent him my book, Message Sent. He loved the healing message in it and said, “Yes! I’m in.”

We then discussed pricing to rent a recording studio and agreed on an average price of $75 an hour. Rashid is a very intuitive man. He struggled at first with finding a studio that held the energy we both wanted for this project. Then he called me and I knew something had shifted.

“Terri,” he said in his South African accent, “I found a place. It’s House of Blues studio. It’s in a home up in the Encino Hills and it is so peaceful and beautiful. But there is one problem: they usually charge $150 an hour. The Goo Goo Dolls were there last week. But when I told them what you’re doing, they agreed to give you the studio for $100 an hour. What do you think?”

There was no question for me about this price. I love House of Blues! They are an incredible restaurant and entertainment chain. I had no idea they owned a recording studio. All I knew was that I loved what they stood for. I’m not sure if their stages are still this way, but back then, above each one, they had every religious symbol you can imagine with the saying, “Unity through Diversity.” I have always loved this about them! I knew I wanted to bring this CD, which is all about acceptance and unconditional love, into the world in such a loving recording studio.

My mouth dropped when Rashid brought me the House of Blues contract to sign prior to our recording date. It said, “On a mission from God.” Woo hoo! I felt God was guiding me from that day in the bathroom at the expo, to calling Rashid and then him finding a magical studio for us. And it was magical. The whole day of our recording was surreal.

No music was created and no words were written prior to our recording session. All I knew was that I was guided to do five meditations:

Grounding in God’s Light

Create the Life You’ve Always Desired

Retrieving the Child Withing

Releasing Anger, Frustration and Blame

Living in Gratitude

I knew the order, but, again, nothing was prepared. Along with a friend of mine and the engineer, Rashid and I prayed for God to use us.

Rashid asked, “So where do you want to begin?”

“Welcome would be good,” I said.

We recorded the first meditation and it was okay when we sat down to listen. But something told me, “I’m in the way.” So I got grounded and allowed the message to come through me. It was like a magic carpet ride! It was as if Rashid and I were merged at the heart. The music and words created a tapestry of healing and love. I’ve never had quite the same experience again! Richard Arajo of Voice of America Radio described the CD best. He said, “Most meditation CDs take you out of your body. Terri’s CD takes you straight to your heart!”

And that is why I want to give these five meditations to you. I want you to go straight to your heart. I want you to experience the unconditional love and acceptance I have felt by doing these meditations regularly.

If you’re ready to open up to miracles and abundance, much like this story, I invite you to grab this gift now by filling out the box below. You will be taken directly to the delivery page where you’ll find all of the recordings.

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