Why I Lost All of My Miss USA Money

In my last blog, I shared how I broke the good girl rules to win Miss USA (read it here). What I didn’t share is how much guilt I felt for winning. I was concerned about my boyfriend, Brian. Winning the title meant I would be shipped to New York for the year and he would be left behind in Arkansas. You can see the guilt in my face in the picture below. I was more concerned about Brian’s happiness than I was about receiving this incredible gift that God had given me. And here’s another interesting little tidbit from that year. By the end of my reign, all of the money I won was gone! I had no idea that my guilt and the loss of my money were related.

Miss USA winning moment
I received $150,000 in cash and prizes, half being cash, when I won Miss USA. I spent very little money during my reign because the Miss Universe Organization paid for everything. So, I gave all of my money to my dad to invest. But by the time I gave up my title to crown the new Miss USA, dad had lost all of it. I had to sell most of my prizes to be able to pay my taxes

I never really got upset with my dad. I just figured that it was “one of those things,” and went on about my life. I didn’t correlate that losing the money had anything to do with guilt and my ability to receive. I simply thought it was dad’s mistake. But it wasn’t.

Now I know that I lost that money because of my low Worthiness Quotient.

Your Worthiness Quotient is how much you are open to receive God’s unlimited abundance. How high or how low your worthiness quotient sits is based on how much unconditional love and acceptance you have for yourself. And it all depends on the vibration you hold. Let me explain.

We now know that everything is energy. And all energy has a vibration. Lower level emotions have a low vibration. And because like attracts like, if you are holding onto emotions like anger, judgment, lack, sadness, depression and shame or guilt, you will attract things that make life hard. In other words, your Worthiness Quotient is low.

To raise your Worthiness Quotient, you have to take steps to love yourself unconditionally and give yourself permission to receive simply for being who you were created to be.

As you raise your Worthiness Quotient, you move into the higher vibrations of emotions such as courage, compassion, love, peace, and joy. And by holding these vibrations, you open up to receive things into your life that have similar energy. But it all starts with making a decision to move into unconditional love for yourself first.

Unconditional Love = Abundance

When you love yourself unconditionally, you send a message out energetically that says, “I am worthy of receiving!” And because you are holding a high vibration, abundance shows up in your outer world. You tap into the Divine and life gets easier.

But because so many of us have been taught that to be loving or to “do it right,” you must put yourself on the backburner, we feel guilt for receiving. And so, we continue to struggle.

That’s what I did when I won Miss USA. I was buried in so much guilt back then that I almost gave the crown back the night I won! I actually discussed this with my family and Brian, and it was all due to the fact that I didn’t want him to feel sad. Then I lost all of my money. I thought this was a fluke and dad had simply made a poor investment. I had no idea that losing my money was simply a reflection to my low Worthiness Quotient.

I’ve been studying energy and worthiness for 20 years now and have done a lot of healing on myself and with others. What I know for sure is that most people are running a low Worthiness Quotient.

If your life feels hard, you’re running a low Worthiness Quotient. It’s the same if your relationships are struggling. If you feel emotional angst such as anger, judgment, blame, resentment, lack, sadness, anxiety, depression, etc., your Worthiness Quotient is low. If you feel there is something missing in your life and are working yourself to death, you’re running a low Worthiness Quotient.

I often hear people say, “Well, I pray and pray but my answers never come.” It’s not that God isn’t listening to you. It’s because your Worthiness Quotient is low!

So how do you raise your Worthiness Quotient?

It begins when you make a decision to heal and finally say YES to you. I know that goes against the grain of what we’ve been taught, especially if you were raised as a good girl. But if you continue to put yourself on the backburner, denying your thoughts, your feelings and your dreams, you will always stay disconnected from God. It is this disconnect that causes emotional angst and feelings of lack. And as long as you stay in these low vibrational emotions, your outer world will mirror your chaotic inner world, and you will live on a perpetual hamster wheel of stress and struggle.\

BUT…when you make a decision to heal, you say YES to the dynamic, creative, passionate, playful, intuitive, and wise woman you were created to be! You say YES to God! And by doing so, you are taking a stand for connecting at the deepest level so that you feel connected to everything. And as you love yourself this way, you become a Woman Leader of Love, setting an example for others to love and accept themselves, too. They learn from watching you. This is your greatest act of service!

And it all begins when you make a decision to love yourself unconditionally first.

If you are ready to take this stand, I want to invite you to my new program,

Your Walk of Love

6 Steps to Raise Your Worthiness Quotient to Abundance and Miracles!

In this course, I will take you step-by-step and teach you the tools that shifted my life to a miraculous flow. We will do intense healing work and you will clean up the programming in your mind that keeps your Worthiness Quotient low.

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  1. I was was wondering if you might address the mind set you were in, as a newly crowned MissUSA. It seemed to be a vulnerable time, for any young person suddenly put into a whole different lifestyle. Would you say it was a negative or positive experience, in retrospect, with your involvement with Wayne Newton.

    1. Hi, Marie! Thank you for being here! I had a lot of fun with Wayne. In fact, he was probably the highlight of my year as Miss USA. So much so that he broke my heart when he dumped me at the end of the year. At that time I believed we would be married one day, as he had told my dad that was his intentions. Back then, my whole focus was on being married and to have a man take care of me. Thankfully, when Wayne dumped me he gave me a great gift. It was one more step for me to love myself rather than looking for love from men to fill me up. In fact, several years after Miss USA I was in Vegas and called Wayne to say hello. I didn’t understood why I felt such a need to do it at that time, but I knew I had to call him. He invited me to his home for lunch. As soon as I was with him and his entourage, I knew that his “dumping” me had been the right thing. As he walked me to the door, I told him so. And I let him know that I now knew that if we had stayed together I would have eventually left him. So, to answer your question, I believe that Wayne was the perfect gift for my year as Miss USA. I learned a lot about myself and I’m so thankful he was in my life. He is a kind, charming and very romantic man. It’s just that we were not the right fit. Thank you for writing and asking! I’m currently writing my memoir and I go into a lot more detail about Miss USA and Wayne.

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