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Session 6: Manifestation

Admin April 15, 2020
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Audio 1: You are the Creator

Audio 1 Exercise:

Define your intention. Go deeper into your vision of what you want to create for your life. Writing about your vision helps bring it into reality. (FYI: this can be about your whole life or one aspect that you really want to focus on such as your career, a specific relationship, your health, you name it. We’ll use this vision for our next audio meditation.) After you’re done writing everything out and have described how this vision will feel when it comes to fruition, take another piece of clean paper and title it at the top, “My Intention.” Go over your vision and put it into short bullet points, preferably one thought per sentence. Put each bullet point down a list. Be detailed. At the bottom of the list, write, “I am so grateful for this or something better!” Get excited about this vision and allow yourself to feel what it will be like when it shows up. 

Audio 2: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Manifesting

Audio 2 Exercise:

Continue to go through your bullet points to see where there is doubt and then clear the beliefs that are causing it. Once you’re clear, write about this experience. Describe what doubts you had been feeling and now what you know to be your truth, as well as how this feels. Write how grateful you are for this healing.

Audio 3: Dare to be a Leader of Love

Audio 3 Exercise:

Write your intention for being a Leader of Love. As you dare to be different, shining your light, and no longer hiding, what will that look like? Describe it. Feel it. Write about the gifts you give to others. Get grounded in who you are. You are a gift! It’s time to claim your crown fully and own it. Be all that you can be. This is your greatest gift to humanity.

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