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Session 5: FIRE

Admin April 15, 2020
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Audio 1: Light Your Fire!

Audio 1 Exercise:

Get honest with yourself and write how you feel when you stuff down passion. Do you feel you’re flatlining and have no zest for life? Or maybe you have some areas in which you feel passionate and alive, but have other parts that are suffering. Get in touch with your inner child and ask him or her how this makes you feel.

Audio 2: Release Sexual Guilt & Shame

Audio 2 Exercise:

This was a fairly intense session as you released your sexual guilt and stepped into your passion. Pay attention to whatever you’re feeling right now and write about it. After you feel you’re clear, move deeper into your passions by asking your inner child what made him or her feel joyful and alive as a kid? Are you still doing these things? Or have you shut them out of your life? Is there anything you’re currently doing that makes you feel excited? Is there a message in this that is guiding you to spend more time with this passion? Write, write, write about all of your feelings. When you’re done, list five passions that you are ready to say yes to.

Audio 3: Thrive vs. Survive

Audio 3 Exercise:

Money issues get in the way of following one’s passions and receiving physical pleasure. Write down your negative money story. Put it all on paper. Allow any emotions to surface. Know that this is your ego telling you to stay in survival mode, a.k.a. poverty consciousness. Once, you’ve done this, spend time over the next couple of days thinking about your passions and what you’d like to create. Pay attention to more negative mind chatter around money and the beliefs that create it, as well as any other beliefs that surface regarding receiving physical pleasure. Write down what you learn. Once you’ve purged everything into your journal, either take the page from your journal or write the bullet points from it on another piece of paper and burn it. Create a sacred ceremony to release your money story.

Your are about 95% Done
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