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Admin April 15, 2020
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Audio 1: Stop the Punishment!

Audio 1 Exercise:

Make three columns in your journal. Put across the top of the columns these three labels:

“How I punish myself,” “What would love do?” and “Loving action to take.” In the first column, list all the ways you’ve recognized how you punish yourself after this last meditation. Then ask after each one, “What would love do?” If you’re not sure, ask your guide. In the final column, write the action you’re committed to take to shift from a low Worthiness Quotient to a high one. Take action! Once you do, write how it felt to do so.

Audio 2: Let Go of the Past

Audio 2 Exercise:

I forgive myself. I embrace myself. I love myself.
I am unconditional love. And I am loved unconditionally.

Write this new mantra several times and feel the energy of forgiveness and love coursing through you. Describe how this makes you feel. Remember, as you choose to forgive yourself, embrace yourself and love yourself, you move into unconditional love and then that is what will be mirrored back to you, whether you make a mistake or not.

Audio 3: Flippin’ the Switch on Your Labels

Audio 3 Exercise:

Write about your experience when you flipped the switch on your label. How did it make you feel? How did you see yourself interacting with the outer world due to that old false belief? How will you now live your life differently? Give thanks for this healing and celebrate the magnificent you! 

Your are about 85% Done
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