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Session 3: TRUTH

Admin April 15, 2020
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Audio 1: Permission to be Real

Audio 1 Exercise:

Write a letter telling your inner child that you are sorry for suppressing the real you and judging him or her. Allow any emotions to come up. Tell this little kid that you are committed from this point forward to be real and compassionate towards yourself. Ask what that would look like for him or her, and write about it. End your journaling with gratitude for the healing that has taken place.

Audio 2: Celebrate the Crap!

Audio 2 Exercise:

Make a list of issues in your life that cause you pain and suffering. If you’re not sure, talk to your inner child. See which difficult situation or relationship stands out the most. Practice the Retrieving the Gift of Love Process, allowing it to take you to your truth. Write about what you learned. Make sure to celebrate the gift. Go down the list of issues one-by-one at your convenience and do the process again, writing your discoveries. Make sure to take note of how your feelings shift after doing the process.

Audio 3: Gifts in the Play Box

Audio 3 Exercise:

What did you discover in the play box? How does it feel to acknowledge this gift? Does it scare you in any way? What excites you? In what way are you willing to commit to expressing this gift? And, finally, in what ways do you want to explore it? Write about this. And remember to give yourself permission to be in this kind of abundance.

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