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Session 1: Creative Power

Admin April 15, 2020
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Audio 1: Open Up to Receive

Audio 1 Exercise:

How did you feel as you got grounded in God’s light? Were you resistant to receiving this kind of love and nurturing? Or did you feel relaxed? Write about what you discovered and then decide how you want to implement this into your daily life.

Audio 2: Tap into the Divine

Audio 2 Exercise:

Spend time writing to your inner child. Use the “Writing with the Other Hand” tool if you like. The step-by-step guide is in your PDF. Get to know this little kid. Ask, “What makes you happy? And what makes you sad?” Think of creating a relationship with your inner child just like you would do with a new friend. Allow any feelings to surface and write about them. Allowing your inner child to express his or her wants and needs is key to feeling safe and loved.

Audio 3: Nurture Yourself into Abundance

Audio 3 Exercise:

One of the biggest issues I realized I had over the years about expressing my feelings is that I believed my feelings were wrong and others’ feelings were right. Spend some time writing about your feelings and pay attention to what your negative beliefs are about them. Tell your inner child that she or he has permission to feel and permission to express everything.

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