Laughter: The Perfect Holiday Gift!

It’s the holidays.  Do you know how I know this? A couple of days ago I went to put on my bra and thought something felt odd.  I looked down and do you know what I saw? I ALREADY HAD ONE ON!

My daughter, Mackenzie, would tell you that this was one of my “old age” moments. My girls seem to think that my recent 49th birthday cemented my stay in a retirement home!  And, yes, I do have more and more of these moments. However, this particular one was truly related to the holidays!

My mind has left town. With the hustling and bustling, the shopping and preparing, it said, “No more!” And that’s when I sat down and had a good laugh.

I love to laugh at myself. However, this isn’t something that has always come easy to me. I had to learn to do this. In my younger days, I took everything seriously. Then my eleventh grade history teacher, Mr. Nash, told me one time, “Terri, you need to learn to laugh at yourself.” So, I did.  That was the best lesson he ever taught me.

And, now, I continue laughing. Whether it’s thinking my turkey should be done on Christmas day only to see when I pull it out of the oven that one side is done and the other side is still gobbling or seeing the marshmallows on my yams catch on fire due to my impatience with them for taking too long to brown and jacking up the heat on the oven…I laugh.

So, I invite YOU to laugh. None of this craziness is important! What matters is that we experience the joy of the season, laughing at ourselves and with each other. There is no greater gift than to be an expression of love and acceptance of our humanness. And that’s why we laugh. Laughter truly is the best medicine and the perfect holiday gift!

Hoping your holidays are filled with loads of love…and laughter!

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