Is your health getting in the way of enjoying your life?

What’s it trying to tell you? Is it keeping you from being playful and creative? Is it because you’re trying to stay safe? We took a deep dive today into healing these topics in our Own Your Worth Wednesdays. Catch the replay here!


Here are a couple of the free gifts I mentioned during the call…


1. My free Women Leaders of Love eBook and companion guided meditations. You’ll receive this Worthiness Quotient Breakthrough Bundle for free at


2. Take the Worthiness Quotient Quiz. Are you open to receive in every area of your life? This quiz will give you a clear picture and will give you some tips and tools to shift the areas where you’re stuck. Check it out at It’s free!


Come join us and tell your friends. We women are taking a stand for loving ourselves, knowing THIS is our greatest act of service.


We meet every week on Zoom and on Facebook. To participate in the Zoom live questions and healings, we send out links to your inbox every Tuesday and Wednesday to join us. If you’re not part of this mailing list, grab one of the free gifts above and you’ll be added. Otherwise, feel free to watch from FB, or on my website at


See you next week!

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