Mommy, I Feel Imbisible

“Mommy, I feel imbisible.”

“Honey, I hear you. That’s why I brought you in here so that you can tell me what’s going on.”

“You’re not listening to me, Mommy!”

This is the conversation I overheard in a ladies’ restroom recently. The little boy was four or five and he was an emotional mess. He couldn’t even say the word invisible, but he definitely knew what it meant. His mommy had brought him to the bathroom to get him to calm down.

At first the mom seemed irritated with her son, but was trying her best to be calm and talk some sense into him…and not create a scene. That’s when I felt guided to talk to both of them.

I squatted down to chat at the boy’s level and told him how important he is and that he wouldn’t be here on earth if he were invisible. And then I turned to the mom.

I shared that I am a life coach and work with a lot of moms. I explained to her that people in our lives often mirror how we feel inside, especially when we feel upset by the situation.

“I bet you feel invisible at times, too. Don’t you?” I asked her.

Her eyes filled with tears, as she shook her head yes.

“Your son is mirroring you and how you feel inside,” I said.

She stopped and took this message in. That’s when she grabbed her son and pulled him to her chest.

“If you will clean up the belief inside of you that you are invisible, and treat yourself like you matter, your son will learn from you. He will shift when you do. You both deserve that kind of love.” I smiled at her and stepped away, as she mouthed to me, “Thank you!”

This situation could have ended a lot differently. In her frustration, the mom could have gotten angry and lashed out at her son. But when she tapped into her own pain and sadness, she felt compassion for her little boy.

This is why it is so important for us to heal. Whether we are moms, wives, friends, daughters, or co-workers, if we will acknowledge and heal our own inner pain instead of lashing out in frustration, we will bring love and compassion to every situation.

When we connect to our feelings and embrace our pain, we no longer feel invisible.

Has there been a time when your child, family member or friend was mirroring your own emotions? I invite you to share your story with us below.

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  1. Dear Terri,
    I understand perfectly what you mean. I spent most of my life as a man, desperately trying to fulfill the expectations of parents, friends, society etc. They had declared me to be male by the body I had when I was born, and it wasn’t until the age of 65 that I finally admitted to myself and the world that I am a woman inside a man’s body.
    All that time I was unable to feel compassion, love, honesty, warmth. I was divorced three times, and didn’t know why. I fathered seven children, most of whom don’t speak to me now.
    I created sadness and discomfort everywhere I went, and always wondered why I had no friends.
    Now that I have transitioned towards my real self, I have loads of easy friend relationships, I radiate happiness and compassion, and I walk around being a happy, bright influence in my world.
    Those around me seek my company, and they mirror my feelings of love and peace.

    1. Wow, Clare! what an incredibly honest story you just shared. Thank you, thank you. If your message can help just one family to love their children unconditionally or to love themselves unconditionally, you have made a tremendous difference in the world. I know you’re already doing that. I am so happy you have found your truth. What’s so amazing is that your life is a true example of how the mirror of life works. You have found peace inside and the love and support you have around you is indeed a mirror of that. Hugs to you! ~Terri

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