Where is Your Inner Child?

Remember those old public announcements on television when a man with a deep husky voice asked, “It’s ten o’clock. Do you know where your child is?” I used to laugh my butt off when I was younger thinking it was ridiculous. For parents, it reminded them to check in on their kids. Well, I have a different version of that old question and it is equally as important. Here goes: “Do you know where your inner child is?”

If someone had asked me that question 20 years ago, I would have given them a half-cocked look and thought they were nuts. But then one day during meditation my inner child showed up! I was shocked!! I had never seen, heard or acknowledged her in any way. I didn’t even know she existed! But there she was, little five-year-old Terri, with curly blonde hair and big brown eyes. I didn’t see her with my actual eyes, but instead from the center of my head, just like you do when you’re thinking about a good friend.

In that moment, I realized I had spent my life pushing little Terri into a dark corner and had no idea that I was doing this. But that day, I began a whole new journey. As I cried and cried, I heard very clearly in my ear, “Get up and write this Terri. This is the beginning of your book.” That book was Message Sent. It was my awakening to finding the love within. But here’s the point that I missed that day and took me a long time to figure out:

As you create a connection to that five-year-old inside of you and begin to love her unconditionally, you tap into Divine Mother energy.

The Divine Mother energy is wise, intuitive, receptive, accepting, compassionate, forgiving, supportive and nurturing. This energy is the kind of love we all want, but tend to look outside of ourselves for it. The only way we’ll ever find it, however, is when we make a decision to find the love within.

I stumbled on to the Divine Mother energy. As I said, little Terri simply showed up one day. I knew nothing about this loving energy, but learned very quickly that the more I mothered myself unconditionally, the more inner and outer abundance I felt.

That’s because when you make a decision to be the Divine Mother to your inner child, you move into alignment with God because you’re saying yes to the way you were created.

The Divine Mother takes you to God.

This truth was a huge aha for me. It’s a magical story with how I came to discover it after being guided to a monastery in Montserrat, Spain. I’m not going to share it here because you will get all of the details soon in my memoir that I’m currently writing. What I can tell you, however, is that when you mother yourself into alignment with God, you raise your vibration. That’s when you feel worthy and open up to receive outer abundance. Whatever vibration you hold within is what you’ll attract from the outside world.

As long as you don’t mother yourself unconditionally, you will stay disconnected from God. And in this disconnect, you will sit at a lower vibration and continue to attract things in life that feel hard.

The way to end the pain is to tap into the Divine Mother energy and nurture, accept and love the child within. She’s your heart and the way you were created. (And if you’re a man reading this, you have a Divine Mother inside of you, too! We all do!)

So, I ask you once again, where is your inner child? Have you got her locked in a dark room or a closet? Is that why you feel stuck, angry or sad? What would happen if you took her upon your lap and told her that from this day forward you are going to love, accept and nurture her?

I want to give you a gift today to help you connect to your inner child. It’s a meditation from my CD, Message Sent: Meditations for Retrieving the Gift of Love. I invite you to take some time to sit quietly and listen. This is a huge step into being a Divine Mother to that cute little girl within.


Once you’ve listened to the audio, ask your inner child what she needs from you to feel loved. You may hear the answer, see a picture in your mind, or simply have a knowingness. We all have different ways of receiving messages. The key is to stay open, receive the message and then to take action! And if for some reason you don’t get a message, it’s okay. Sometimes our little kids within are so hurt and lost that they need a little time to reveal themselves to us. Just keep holding a space for the child inside of you to feel safe. Once she does, she will make her presence known to you.

When you take action with what your inner child needs, she will begin to trust that she is worthy of love and support. And by holding this vibration, your inner world will create an outer world of miracles and abundance.

I hope you enjoy the meditation! And, as always, we would love to hear from you. If you have an Aha! or a question, please share your thoughts with us below.


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  1. this was wonderful Terri, The tears came so readily as I met my inner darling child again.
    Gratitude to you,

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