Charlie and I Bought the BEAR House!

Charlie and I bought the BEAR house! I had a run-in with a bear last week. It gave us a sign to make an offer on a house. So we bought it! Woo hoo!

If you didn’t read last week’s blog, you may be wondering what in the world I am talking about. “Bear” and “make an offer.” How does that fit? Just to recap, I had a run-in with a bear last week, which was an exciting, but terrifying experience. But the one thing I got from it was that it was guidance to put an offer on a house. This came after asking for God to give us a sign about buying a home on Mt. Yonah (Indian for bear), and then having my run-in with the bear. That’s when we knew this house was our home. So we bought it! Yes, that’s right! We got the bear  sign last week, put an offer on the house over the weekend and came to an agreement, and are now up in Georgia finalizing everything so that we have full ownership this Thursday. YES! Not 30-60 days from now. THIS Thursday! Woo hoo! The adventure continues!!!

When we made the decision to buy JumpinGoat Coffee in Helen, GA, we knew we wanted to make an easy transition from Destin, FL. So when Charlie sat down to talk to God about what was in his heart, he said he wanted a home in which the seller would do owner financing so we wouldn’t have to wait the lengthy time that banks take. This house that we love, which was the first home we saw up here, offered owner financing. So, not only did we get a home we love in the mountains overlooking the beautiful valley, but we also got an easy transition AND fantastic financing! God is indeed good! I think you’ll especially agree when you take a gander at the view from our new home!

What an incredible adventure we’re on! I love the adventure! What’s interesting is that I used to hate change. I was a control freak! I had to know what was around the next corner for every move I made. I preferred staying in my mundane safety net because it felt so much safer. But it was BOOOOR-ING!

I know the reason I feared change. I didn’t trust that if I stepped out of my safety net that I would be OK. But as I have deepened my faith that I am lovable and worthy of God’s unlimited guidance, support and abundance, AND, as I’ve slowed down and paid attention to the messages, this has all changed.

It all began when I made a decision to walk the path of The Enlightened Mom. By stepping out of the old way of “being mom” and taking time for myself by diving deep within my subconscious mind, I released the false beliefs that blocked me from receiving God’s miracles and abundance. Most moms don’t do this. Instead, we put ourselves last, believing this is the loving thing to do. The loving thing to do is to tap into the Divine Mother inside of you!

I tapped into the Divine Mother inside of me and nurtured myself into unconditional love. NOW I KNOW that I AM WORTHY OF RECEIVING GOD’S LOVE. And, as a result, I TRUST that I can live my life on a magical adventure! It is so much more fun this way! I love my life and the miracles that show up day after day!

Are you ready to step out of the mundane and into miracles? What I know for sure is that God’s miracles are for everyone, including YOU! Your life can be an incredible adventure like mine, when you step onto the path of The Enlightened Mom. What’s stopping you? Hmmm. Something to chew on!

Until next time!

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