What is Your Favorite Holiday Memory?

I found myself thinking about the holidays this morning, reminiscing about what was probably the coolest Christmas I ever had as a kid.

I was in the fifth or sixth grade…it was MANY years ago…that’s all you need to know because, quite frankly, I can’t remember! What I do remember is walking down the hall to see a motorcycle sitting in our living room! It was a little Yamaha 80 trail bike. I was so stoked!  I couldn’t believe it!

I have a lot of wonderful memories on that bike, like jumping the dirt pond out in the field near our house, and pulling a wooden plank tied to it, as friends and I took turns sitting on our homemade sled, gliding through the snow.  What fun!

So, I then asked myself this morning, “What did that motorcycle represent to me?”

I turned to little Terri, the little girl inside of me, and she said, “Laughter, playfulness, fun, friends, outdoors, and ADVENTURE!”

I see now that it wasn’t so much about the bike and owning a motorcycle, but what it represented instead.  That motorcycle spoke to my spirit.  I still love all of the things little Terri shared with me.  I love being outdoors having fun, playing with friends. And most importantly, I LOVE adventure, even if it’s something as simple as driving in the truck with my hubby, exploring new areas.

Maybe this is why holidays are so much fun when we’re kids…we do things and receive gifts that speak to our spirits. We tend to lose that kind of wander as we become adults.

To bring that wander back into this holiday season, think about your fondest holiday memory when you were a kid. What did it represent to you? And how can you bring more of that into your life not only through the holidays, but every day of the year?

I know for sure that if you allow yourself to tap into the things that made you smile as a child, your holidays will be a whole lot brighter!

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