Have you ever felt blamed for something that was not your fault?

Wow! If you’ve ever wanted to see…in real time…as it’s happening… how to heal your blame, today is the day. Our Women Leaders of Love Own Your Worth Wednesdays healing session got intense today and very heated. Thankfully, our participants were courageous and stayed the course so that healing prevailed. Whew!

You can watch the full replay by joining us in our private Women Leaders of Love group. Simply ask to join if you’re not a member. Join us in the Zoom portion of the call to ask your questions and receive coaching and healing. You’ll see the Zoom reminders on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. To get on our email list, grab my FREE Worthiness Quotient Breakthrough Bundle and you’ll be added to our email list. That link is www.terribritt.com/leaders.

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