Holiday Decompression with My Guides

For the last several months I’ve felt a need to set everything down in my life. I was being called to just let go and let God take over. However, my ego had other ideas. With the holidays coming, I saw other businesses, healers and teachers gearing up with holiday promotions. I battled an inner struggle to gear up too, selling my products like everyone else was doing. My guidance said, “No, Terri. It is not necessary. What is right for everyone else is not right for you.” However, my ego said, “You have to survive, Terri! You must compete in this rush-rush world!” It was like an ugly little monster grabbing me by the neck and at times literally driving me nuts, pushing me to step into the madness. Until this morning.

As I sat in meditation today, I had a vision and felt the archangel Michael lift me up in his wings and put me down on the bed. I felt him kiss me on my head as he said, “Rest Terri. We’ll take care of everything.” That’s when I knew it was time to listen.

I’ve been working with guides ever since I stepped onto the path of The Enlightened Mom. For me, they are part of the all-loving energy of God and consist of angels, Christ, Mother Mary, and even my late husband and dad. Guides are different for everyone. My guides are like my family and have loved and supported me through so many of life’s daily situations…some good, some bad. They always help me find answers and a sense of peace, showing me that at every moment of every day I am protected and loved if I’ll just listen. HOWEVER, as we humans do, my mind sometimes likes to take over and make things hard. And that’s why I’ve struggled over the last few months.

Since August, when my youngest left for her freshman year of college, my guidance has been to take a break. Becoming an empty-nester symbolized a time of closure for me. It was a sign to go within and deepen my connection to God. My heart wanted a sabbatical. So I’ve taken a few days here and there only to kick back into gear when my ego has raised its head. Then in late October, I really began to struggle. I had a birthday coming up in November…the BIG 5-0, and the little girl inside of me, who is my heart, said, “It is NOW time to take a break, Terri. Celebrate!” But did I listen? No. Well, I did for a few days. But then my ego kicked in again.

Then I got sick.

Vertigo took me to my knees the week after Thanksgiving. I’ve struggled with this for several years. And each time it hits, I’m reminded to slow down. It is a messenger telling me to love and nurture myself and to step out of the hustle and bustle of the world.  And the way I do this is to meditate and go within, talking to the little girl inside of me, and to my guides. I ask, “God, what is going to put me in alignment with you today?” And over and over again over the last couple of months when I’ve asked this, I’ve heard, “Take a rest!” The vertigo coming back was guidance from the universe hitting me over the head with this message!

I’d listen for a little bit and feel a sense of peace. Then an email would arrive in my inbox asking me to have a meeting. Or I’d feel my ego calling again, buying into the need to push through the holidays. Thankfully, because I do use The Enlightened Mom tools every day, gradually I’ve been cancelling meetings until after the first of the year, and I made a decision to not do any major promotions of my products this holiday season, trusting that all would be well.  But there’s still been an inner struggle…until I had my vision of the archangel Michael this morning!

My greatest desire is that our whole world would stop competing out of survival. And that we all KNOW that we are loved and provided for if we’ll just take the time to connect to God and our hearts. So, I’m taking a stand for this today. I’m shutting my business down until after the first of the year. I’m turning electronics off….at least most of the time. I do enjoy connecting with friends and loved ones here on earth, too! But I’m not working. My office phone line is now in the “off” position. I’m letting it all go and following my heart. My dear angelic friend, Michael, gave me a wonderful gift today. Thank you, Michael! I’m setting everything down. I’m decompressing and enjoying the spirit of the holidays not only with my family here on earth, but also with my loving guides from the other side who have consistently loved and supported me through the years.

So until I write again in the New Year, I hope your holiday season is filled with visions of sugarplums and sweet loving guides! And to help you connect to your own loving friends from the other side, I want to give you a special gift to fill your holiday, as well as every day, with miracles. It’s a gift to you for being in my life. It’s called, “Connect to God’s Guides” and is from The Enlightened Mom Meditations that go hand-in-hand with The Enlightened Mom book. I invite you to sit back, relax, and click on the player below. Enjoy!

Wishing you a season of peace, joy, laughter and love!


Connect to God’s Guides from The Enlightened Mom Meditation CDs

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