Grounding in God's Light Meditation

message-sent-cd-cover-600pxDaily life can leave us feeling disconnected from God, disconnected from our Divine Source. It is in this disconnect that we feel alone and often buried in emotional chaos, worry, sadness, anger and guilt. Argh! So much for being happy! But you have the power to change this! And I have the perfect tool for you!

Enter your name and primary email in the box and I will send you as a special gift, one of my personal favorite meditations and one of the most powerful energetic tools that I use: Grounding in God’s Light from my CD Message Sent. By grounding daily, you become the calm in the storm. You raise your Worthiness Quotient and create a deeper connection to God. You open up to receive guidance, love and support, stepping into a magical flow of miracles and abundance. What a wonderful gift to the world you become! By becoming a happier, more peaceful woman, you set a thriving example for everyone! Woo hoo!



“Most meditation CDs take you out of your body. Terri’s CD takes you straight to your heart.” ~ Richard Arajo, Voice of America Radio, Washington, D.C.

“Terri, your CD is so beautiful! I hope you make many more. Last year was a truly tough year for my family and me. Listening to your CD has made me feel like I can do anything, and be at peace with myself, and God. As a Roman Catholic, I didn’t know if I could get any closer to God than where I was, until I started focusing on living with the knowledge that God and his angels are around me always. Your CD almost makes me feel like I am flying around heaven. Thank you so much!” ~ Bridget Amarant, Reading, PA

“Dear Terri: I am 6yrs old & study in Class 2A. I live in Muscat, Oman, and I like you and your Golden Light meditation (Grounding in God’s Light), which my mom uses to put me to sleep. I would love to see you one day. Bye for now” ~ Manjiri, Muscat, Oman

bio_terriFormer Miss USA, Terri Britt, is a Love Expert, Inspirational Speaker and Change Agent for women. As a spiritual coach, energetic healer, and the award-winning author of The Enlightened Mom, she’s been guiding women to raise their worthiness quotients and shift their lives into miracles and abundance for nearly two decades. Terri’s been seen on shows such as Today, NBC NY, Fox National News and Good Day Atlanta. Terri says, “We women have the power to create immense change in our lives, homes, workplaces and the world. We claim that power when we break the good girl rules and become Women Leaders of Love.”