Being Present is Your Greatest Present!

It’s the holiday season! Woo hoo! But what starts out as excitement often turns to stress because we get so caught up in what has to be done, the gifts to be purchased, and the people to take care of. And then before you know it, you are stressed out and taking your pain out on the ones you love.

Here’s a thought for you: Being present is your greatest present to the people around you.

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That means to quit worrying about what has to be done. Love yourself enough to know that you don’t have to perform!

When you stay present, you are joyful. You are playful. You are the calm in the storm.

This is what your loved ones really need. They don’t need you to be perfect or buy the best gifts. They definitely don’t need you stressed out.

Your loved ones and even your co-workers need you to be present.

When you give yourself permission to stay present, it’s as if you are a beacon of light, radiating energy so others can watch you and give themselves permission to stay present, too.

So how do you stay in the present during this holiday season?

You nurture and love yourself.

Here are five steps to help you get there:

1. When you realize you are focusing on the future and what has to be done, take a breath.

2. Get grounded in God’s light so you feel connected and loved.

3. Check in with where you are. Look at the trees, something in your home you love, maybe your kids or a pet.

4. Give thanks for them.

5. Tell the little kid inside of you that she doesn’t have to perform to be loved.

The idea that we must “get it right,” “do it right,” or make others happy is what causes our stress not only during the holidays, but every day. We believe we have to perform.

But here’s the real issue. As you live like this, people will watch you and learn from your example. So what you’re really doing is perpetuating a cycle of stress and pain for everyone. Well, that’s not the gift you want to give others during this holiday season!

Your greatest gift is to show people how to be the calm in the storm. Show them how to love and nurture themselves into the present moment. Being present is always the greatest present you can give to the ones you love!


Want some help getting fully present? Here’s my Grounding in God’s Light meditation (from my CD Message Sent) as mentioned in step #2 above to make it easy for you get present and be the calm in the storm this holiday season. It’s free!

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  1. Terri, Thank you for the tips/advice…and thank you for all that you do and being the Model Leader of Women Leaders of Love. Happy Holiday to you and the rest of your family. And Happy New Year too.

    1. Thank you Donna! I hope you are doing well. I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season, too!

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