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Hi, Mom!

I’m so glad you’ve found your way here. To be a mom today is one of the hardest things you can do. Our world is on one big hamster wheel. I am a mom like you, and what I know for sure is that we mommas tend to believe that we have to jump on board and run our boodies off just to help our families get ahead.

I KNOW you’re feeling the stress! Whether you’re a working mom at home or out in the world, day-to-day life IS stressful. And if you’re like I was, you most likely feel A LOT of guilt. Most mommas do. We just want to do it right for our families.

My kids are grown now and are all, thankfully, doing really well. Yay! I have two biological daughters, Mackenzie and Kolbi. Plus, I have a stepson, AJ, from my late husband, Steve, as well as a stepdaughter, Haylee, from my hubby Charlie. We are indeed the quintessential American family. Whew! I know it gets confusing!

FamilyCan you imagine blending three teenage girls? Well, Charlie and I did! And if I do say so myself, we did a darn good job of it. But it wasn’t because we were following any good parent rules. Nope. I had thrown those out the window some years ago after deciding that the old way of being mom wasn’t working for me. I didn’t like all the good mom rules in my mind that drove me into the ground and made me feel as if I weren’t being seen, heard or valued. Those rules made me an angry witch. So I made a decision to break them and heal my life.

Healing can mean a lot of things, but for me, it meant taking responsibility to make myself happy by going in to energetically clean up my emotional chaos so that I would be a peaceful, passionate and playful mom.

Every time I found myself having those darn knee-jerk reactions we mommas hate, I used the situations as opportunities to look inside myself and shift the energy. Boy, was I a mess! I had so many good girl rules and false beliefs that I lived by. And I was putting those same rules not only on my kids, but my hubby as well.

I was miserable and was making my family feel the same way! All the passion and romance dropped away from my marriage, and, quite frankly, I resented the heck out of my hubby. I felt he was having all the fun and I was buried in responsibilities. I also hated the way I felt when I wasn’t being the happy, loving mom I wanted to be, or those times I felt buried in fear about money or whatever issue was showing up in my life! And I especially hated the “mom guilt.” But all that changed when I made a decision to break the rules and heal. That’s when I stepped onto the path of The Enlightened Mom. My life has never been the same!

The path of The Enlightened Mom is a journey of courage, true acceptance and unconditional love. It is a path that puts you in alignment with God so you can step into a magical flow of miracles and abundance!

I use The Enlightened Mom tools daily. Whether it’s with my family, my work, or simply dealing with myself, I have a spiritual tool chest that I can always draw on. Woo hoo!

These tools are not going to tell you how to parent your kids, but rather how to love yourself unconditionally. And as you do this for yourself, the love and acceptance will overflow to them, as well as every area of your life.

Developing your intuition is one of the greatest gifts of this path! You tap into the Divine Mother inside of you and learn how to see intuitively what your family truly needs from you, rather than what you “think” you have to do. I use my intuition for everything now! What a relief! We all have this ability, but have not learned to use it. As you walk the path of The Enlightened Mom, you will tap into the wise, intuitive, woman inside of you!

I hope you’ll join me on this journey! Please check out The Enlightened Mom book, it’s 25 companion guided meditations, and my crash course, “Stepping onto the Path of The Enlightened Mom®.” Or, if you’re really feeling adventurous, get all three in The Enlightened Mom® Abundance Program!

I want to help you shift your life energetically so you will open up and receive the life you’re being guided to, AND set the tone for your family to do the same. You are going to love The Enlightened Mom tools! And they are so easy! They will help you walk through daily life feeling connected, centered, calm, passionate, peaceful and abundant. You will be a happier mom! What a gift for your family!

Thanks for being here!



When mom heals…the family heals…the world heals!