Fishin’ with Intention

I went fishin’ this last weekend.  Yes, that’s what we call it here in the south.  And I caught six bass.  Yes, six!!!!  Now, for you expert fishermen, this may not be a big deal, but it was for me.  Let me tell you what happened.

I like to fish, but am not usually very good at it.  I tend to over-think it.  I’ll try to visualize where the fish are and then cast my line there.  More often than not, I come up empty-handed.  But not last weekend.

Charlie and I went to our little getaway farm and, as we sat at breakfast, he asked, “So how many bass are you going to catch today?”

I heard in my head “Five.”  Out of nowhere, that number came up.  I laughed at that thought and said to myself, “Probably not.”

We headed down to our little pond, launched our canoe, and proceeded to search for the perfect spot.

I cast my line a few times and, just as I had expected, came up short.  No fish.  Not even a nibble.  I squirmed in my seat trying to figure out where those darn fishies might be!  Then it hit me, “I am not allowing the fish to show up for me.  I’m trying to ‘make’ this happen.  I need to stay open and trust in the message that I was given.”

And that’s exactly what I did.  I changed my mindset.  Instead of being in “want,” I shifted to the knowingness that God is limitless and that if I got a message that I was to receive five fish, all I had to do was stay open and expect them to show up.

I set an intention to stay open.  I visualized myself at the end of the day celebrating my BIG catch.  I felt it throughout my body and said, “Yes, God, I open myself to receive your abundance. Thank you!”

I began releasing all doubt.  If a negative thought came up in my mind, I simply imagined it draining down to the center of the earth.  I visualized the crown of my head staying open to receive.  And within a very short time, I caught my first bass!  I couldn’t believe it!  I let go of “trying” to find where those little fish were and simply allowed myself to receive them.  Woo hoo!

Doubts crept in as I asked myself, “Can I do this again?”  So I visualized catching my second bass. I stayed open, knowing that I had been given a very clear message.  I released my fear and doubt, and guess what…that little critter showed up within minutes!

With each new catch, I got more excited and held onto my vision.  And you know what, at the end of the day, I hadn’t caught five bass. I CAUGHT SIX!!!!!

In the past if someone had told me that I had a choice in my life as to what happens, I would have laughed at them.  But each of us has a choice.  We can remain shut down to receiving.  Or we can know without a doubt that we are worthy of God’s limitless abundance. It’s up to you to set an intention for what you want to create and stay open to receive it.

I used to believe I wasn’t worthy of receiving this way.  I always thought I had to “make” things happen. But as I have gone deep within to release the false beliefs that tell me I’m not worthy, I’ve opened my life to receiving unlimited abundance.  So, in spite of not being what some would call a “good fisherman,” I went fishin’ with an intention, and a miracle showed up.

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