Why Women Aren’t Treated Equally

Have you ever asked yourself why women aren’t valued more and why we still aren’t treated equally in the 21st Century? I have. So in honor of International Women’s Day, I want to share my thoughts with you. You may not like them. They go against the grain of what the mainstream teaches us. But I’ve been cleaning up my own beliefs about feeling valued and equal for twenty years and I’ve worked with a lot of women on this issue, so I want to share with you what I’ve learned. 

The tendency is to think that people de-value us and are “doing this to us.” We’ve bought into this disempowered belief because that’s what’s been handed down from generation to generation. But here’s what I see: The only reason we’re being treated as if we’re not valuable and equal to men is because this is how we treat ourselves.

The only reason women aren’t treated as valuable as men is because this is how we treat ourselves!

I’m sure that last statement may get some a little heated. I get it. But stay with me for a moment. It’s all about the vibration you hold.

For years, women have bought into the belief that to be equal to men, we had to be like men. So we jumped on the hamster wheel of stress and struggle to prove ourselves.

But here’s the truth: WE ARE NOT MEN. Nor do we really want to be! Our natural way of being is to be intuitive and receptive, and by using these unique gifts, we go within for guidance and then take action. But when we jumped on that battleground with men, we disconnected from our true Divine Feminine selves.

The Feminist movement served its purpose. Like anything, when you want to make change you often have to go to an extreme. It’s as if we’ve been swinging on a pendulum, and now it’s time to land at center.

The only reason women aren’t treated as valuable

Coming to center is where you decide to stop de-valuing yourself and get off of the hamster wheel of stress. You make a decision to see yourself as a gift, tapping into the divine, wise, intuitive woman you were created to be. Instead of feeling as if you need to compete to WIN, you take a stand for loving yourself just the way you are. You embrace the Feminine path and trust that everything you need will show up as you love yourself unconditionally and say no more to needing to prove anything to anyone.

Trying to prove yourself creates a very low vibration. Whatever vibration you hold is what you’ll attract to you. Your thoughts and feelings determine your vibration. Maybe in your conscious mind you believe you deserve to be treated as an equal to men. But if you have a hidden subconscious belief that says you are not enough, or that you have to be like a man to get ahead, or that you’re wrong for being the authority of your life, and on and on, you will energetically shut down to receiving what you want.

Trying to prove yourself creates a low vibration and shuts you down to the abundance you want!

This is true not only in the workplace, but also in your relationships. However you treat yourself is what is going to show up in your life!

To be treated as equals in our homes, society and the world, we women have to step off of the hamster wheel and go within to clean up the beliefs that cause us to de-value ourselves. It is only when me make a commitment to heal and embrace our unique gifts as women will the world mirror equality back to us.

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  1. You are a truly great writer I loved reading this i am currently doing a essay in school right now on why girls are not treated as equall as boys are it’s going really good but still don’t understand I mean just because we are a different gender there going to judge us!!!! So not ok but I have took a stand at my school I was on the wrestling team with boys and currently on the football team I am the only girl I am so proud of myself I worked just as hard as the boys on the team I am starting wide receiver linebacker and kicker and I’m not a boygirls have been coming up to me saying how I’m an inspiration
    to them

    1. Hey, Kayla! I’m so glad you found your way here. Sounds like you are already a Woman Leader of Love, living full out from your heart. Yay! You are doing incredible things to help people see that we women are indeed equal, capable, and worthy of being treated fairly. Don’t forget, however, to honor the female part of you as well. This is where society misses the boat. We women bring a lot to the table with our wise, intuitive, compassionate, creative, sensual, nurturing and loving feminine energies. When you balance the male and the female energies (which both men and women all have), that’s when you really connect to the empowered woman you were created to be. Thank you for being here and for writing! ~Terri

  2. this is great! i’m currently working on a persuasive writing piece at school and its about why should women get paid the same as there male counterparts. this website has helped me. thankyou for doing this, its a great help to me and to the other people that could be in the same situation as me ~ Maddi

    1. Hey, Maddi! I’m so glad the blog helped. And I’m so glad you’re here. Isn’t school out yet? Oh, boy! Here’s another thing that might help you with your article. It’s my free ebook, “Women Leaders of Love.” You can grab it at http://terribritt.com/leaders. It will go deeper into how all women can make a shift into equality and feeling valued. It’s a short read but packed with information. Thank you for being here, Maddi! ~Terri

  3. I agree whole heartedly that we as women don’t think we deserve the best or equal pay and I think because we’ve been conditioned to think if we aren’t thin enough or pretty enough we deserve nothing. Instead we need to realize our self worth and know deep down that we are smart , beautiful and worthy of being treated as a queen and we deserve the same pay when doing the same job as a man. We need to expect to be treated fairly always!!!!!

    1. Thank you for your comment Jennifer! We definitely need to expect to be treated fairly. The problem is that, for many, there are hidden subconscious beliefs that tell us otherwise. Until we clean up those beliefs, society will continue to mirror to us inequality.

  4. this is so true!!! but we need to actually a change as we women wont be suffering this long you know!

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