You Are Enough

My greatest desire is that each and every person on this planet feels at the core that he or she is “enough.”

What does it mean to be “enough?”  It means that you love yourself.  You return to your core nature.  You see that you are a child of God and can receive the love and abundance of the universe simply because you ARE enough.  And because you feel this way, you see that everyone else is enough, too.

If we all felt “enough,” wars and strife would end.  There would be no need to compete with one another.  We would embrace our differences and celebrate that we are all worthy of receiving the unlimited abundance of the universe.  And, thus, abundance would show up…for every one of us.

This desire to be enough is why I made a decision to heal many years ago.  I didn’t feel “enough.”  I felt separate and alone. But as I have looked within to release the beliefs that told me I am not enough, I have returned to love.  Now, where my heart was once shut down, I feel connected and awed by the universe. This is why I’m so on fire to call moms to heal.  I believe we mommas have the power to shift our global consciousness, but it starts with each of us returning to love, knowing that we are enough.

If you are ready to claim, “I AM ENOUGH,” I invite you to join us for our global tele-summit, Moms: Healing Ourselves, Healing Our World.  Sixteen Moms of Influence will inspire you and share how they transformed their lives from lack and separation to ones of wholeness and abundance. Whether it’s the story of how Cynthia James stopped the cycle of five generations of sexual abuse to take back the power in her life or Linda Joy’s compelling story of forgiveness, all of our speakers will awe you and help you see that you, Mom, are enough!

This is how we get the message out to the world that we are all “enough.”  It starts with us…the mommas of the world.  As we claim this for ourselves, we set the tone for our families to heal, KNOWING that they are enough, too.

Please enjoy this video I made explaining all the exciting details about our Moms: Healing Ourselves, Healing Our World global tele-summit:

Get even more details and sign up here!

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