When is Enough, Enough?

Before I get started on today’s blog, I want to say a big WELCOME to all of you who have recently become a part of our Enlightened Mom community or who have become friends of the community through The Enlightened Mom book launch. We’re so glad you’re here! Thank you for stepping onto this incredible journey of healing!

Over the last few months, our Enlightened Mom team has been working diligently in preparation for the launch of my book and meditations. At times, quite frankly, I felt as if I was a hamster on a wheel. It truly felt as if all the details would never be finished. Then last week in the middle of the launch, my eldest daughter Mackenzie came home from college. She is attending classes this summer so she was home for only one week. When she arrived, she said, “Mom, I would really like some time for just the two of us. Can we go somewhere? Maybe Atlanta for a few days?”

Needless to say, I was a little concerned to leave right in the middle of our launch! Could I possibly entertain such a thought?

Well, I did! I had to ask myself, however, when is enough, enough? When can I say that I’ve done my part to co-create with God and surrender to trust?

I made a decision right then and turned to little Terri, the five-year-old inside of me, and said, “I love you. You have done enough. Let’s get out of here!” And so we did.

My trip to Atlanta with Mackenzie was a blast! We played, we ate, and got a lot of sleep. Interestingly, however, while there, a few things came up with my work. They weren’t a big deal, but were things that needed my attention. I told Mackenzie to take a rest while I tended to them. She was very patient at first, but in a short time would get irritable with me.

Instead of getting angry with her, however, I looked for the gift. I knew her actions were telling me something about myself. I went within to meditate and asked God for some guidance. I heard, “This is what you do, Terri. You get impatient with the universe at times. You do your work and instead of resting afterwards, trusting and allowing God and the universe to work on your behalf, you have moments where you get impatient and tend to push. That’s why you feel at times that it’s never enough. But when you take a rest and trust, ALLOWING God to show up for you, you realize that you have done enough. But you have to make a decision when enough is enough!”

Wow! What a message! It is up to us to make that decision as to when enough is enough. God doesn’t determine this. We do!

Are you on a hamster wheel with something in your life? Are you living from a belief that says you haven’t done enough? Do you feel as if there is some standard you have to meet before you get your rewards?

I invite you to pay attention to where you’re driving yourself into the ground. You’ll know that something is awry in your life by how you feel. If you are feeling anything but peace, joy and love, you are judging yourself.

Allow your feelings to guide you and show you where you’re not trusting the universe. Ask the little kid inside of you, “What belief are you holding onto that says you haven’t done enough?”

And then ask, “What would happen if I stopped and said, ‘enough is enough!’?” Allow all of your feelings to surface.

The final step is to be a loving parent to the little kid within. Tell this child that she has done enough. And then let it go. If you find you can’t step off of the hamster wheel, go back within and do this process again. And then, when you’re ready to take a stand in trust, step off of the wheel and say, “Enough is Enough!”

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