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Why Your Family Struggles and How to Stop It!

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You’ve found your way here because you are ready for a new way of being “family.” The old way of stress and struggle isn’t working and you’re ready for a change. The four audio sessions below are filled with insights and tools to show you the way.

I’ve been using The Enlightened Family tools you’re about to learn for many years now. They transformed the whole dynamic of my family. It is so much more fun and easier this way! I know they will do the same for you!

I invite you to take your time with each of these audios. Create a quiet space and do the meditations and exercises. Allow yourself time to feel and integrate what you’re learning. Think of yourself as a pioneer for your family. As you learn, they will learn. As you shift, they will shift. As you thrive, they will thrive.

And below the Enlightened Family audios, you’ll  find your two bonus gifts.

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Session 1: A New Family Paradigm (46:00)

Session 2: Finding the Gift in the Crap! (56:00)

Session 3: How to Turn Money Issues into Miracles (53:00)

Session 4: Ignite Intimacy, Passion & Romance! (50:00)

Your Bonuses!

Here is your #1 Bonus Gift: my CD, Message Sent. I hope you’ll enjoy these five guided meditations set to beautiful piano music. 

  1. Grounding in God’s Light
  2. Create the Life You’ve Always Desired
  3. Retrieving the Child Within
  4. Releasing Anger, Frustration & Blame
  5. Living in Gratitude

Grounding in God's Light

Create the Life You've Always Desired

Retrieving the Child Within

Releasing Anger, Frustration and Blame

Two Months in my Divine Level Monthly Subscription Calls

Your second bonus is two months free in my Divine Level Monthly Subscription Calls. Each month we meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 8:30 pm EST. That’s two calls for you to attend.

Each is filled with meditations, Q&A, coaching and energetic healing. Come to one or all! And if you can’t make it to the calls, you will get replays the next day. You can go ahead and mark your calendar, but you will get a reminder email before each call.