Do you expect the worst? Or the best?

Do you shy away from following your heart because you’re afraid of being abandoned, rejected, hurt, or not accepted? Did you know that as you do, you don’t let love in. Learn how to shift this in today’s Women Leaders of Love Own Your Worth Wednesdays.

Please join us on this weekly live broadcast every Wednesday from 2-3 pm EDT. There are two ways to connect.

1. Via Zoom. When you join us on the live Zoom chat, you can ask your questions live and receive intuitive coaching and healing. If you’re part of our mailing community, you’ll receive a Zoom link in your inbox every Tuesday and Wednesday. If you’re not part of our community, feel free to join us by grabbing my FREE Worthiness Quotient Breakthrough Bundle. You’ll receive my quick but powerful Women Leaders of Love ebook, along with its three companion meditations. To grab it and to be added to our Zoom list, go to

2. Facebook. You can join us each week at to watch and comment only. All you have to do is show up. Any questions or comments made will be seen by me after the broadcast.


If you’d like to dive reallly deep into owning your worth, please check out my digital series, “The Worthiness Quotient: Claim Your Crown…Lead a Life You Love!” Once in the shopping cart, input CROWN in the coupon code box to get your discount for being here today. Get all the course details at

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