Do you allow childlike wonder into your life?

Do you allow childlike wonder into your life? Or do you punish yourself and bury yourself in responsibilities? We had some very cool coaching and healing today on this topic with some of our participants in our Own Your Worth Wednesdays. Our mission: to say, “I don’t do punishment anymore. I do love!” Click here to listen to the replay.

Join us every week at 2 pm live to ask your questions and receive loving support. To be a part of the Zoom call, check your inbox for the link each week. Or watch us on Facebook.

FYI: As of April, we will be holding these sessions in our private Women Leaders of Love group to create more of a sacred space. If you’d like to join us there, simply go to the link below and ask to join us.

And please invite your friends. The more we come together to create peace, joy and love in our lives, the more we shift our homes AND the planet.

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