What is Your Computer Telling You?

Last week in The Enlightened Mom Global Healing Circle, some of the ladies were talking about the issues they were having with their computers. One shared that she was struggling with the man who was doing some work on hers. She didn’t quite trust him. I invited her to look at the situation by going within and ask what the belief was that was being reflected back to her. She discovered a false belief that said, “People will take advantage of me.” As I guided her to clean up this belief, this woman had a wonderful healing. All because of an issue with her computer!

Another mom shared that she had a huge AHA when being told that that she was past the 21 days allotted to return her computer. She didn’t like it and wanted to get a different one. She felt very frustrated with the situation, but decided to continuously send love to the situation. Thankfully, her prayers were answered, despite originally being told that it was too late to return her computer. She let go of her limiting beliefs of what she could have, and stood in faith, and was able to return her computer, even though it was past the return date. Woo hoo!


That’s when I said, “I can’t tell you how many times issues with my computer have been messages for me to heal.” Then one of the moms said, “Terri, you should write about this!” And so I am.

Most of us have a computer, or at least have access to one. And if the truth be told, we ALL get frustrated with them every now and again. I have definitely had my share of issues. When problems have occurred in the past, I would find my body stiffening and my throat tightening. I would feel as if I wanted to throw my computer against the wall. Then one day it hit me. I asked myself, “What is my computer trying to tell me?”

The computer is symbolic of your mind and the need to take a closer look at your life. Chances are, if there is an issue going on with your computer, there is something that you’re being guided to clean up in your life. For instance, I’ve gone through periods when my computer wouldn’t connect to the Internet. Of course, every now and then this is going to happen. But when it happens consistently for no reason, I know that my computer is telling me that it is time to reconnect my mind to God. I’ve lost my connection. And I can’t tell you how many times when I’ve listened to that message and stepped away to meditate or pray or take a walk in nature that I come back and find my computer working perfectly.

Have you ever been on an Internet page and gotten stuck there, not able to move away from the page because your browser wouldn’t allow it? You sit there wondering what in the world is going on, feeling like a victim. Most people ask, “Why is this happening to me?” Well, I had this same thing happen recently. At first I found myself frustrated. Then I asked, “OK, God, what are you trying to tell me? What am I missing here?” I know that nothing happens by chance and that everything, my computer included, is a messenger of God, if I’ll just pay attention. I felt a nudge to look closer at the page. I noticed some links to other sites. I had asked for guidance earlier in the week about some information I needed for my work, but didn’t know where to find those resources. I was thrilled to see when I studied the links that my prayers were answered. I had no idea that I would find what I needed on that particular website. I wasn’t even looking for answers there! I thought it was a bad thing that I was stuck on the web page. Boy, was I wrong! As soon as I got the message, I moved off of the page with ease!

My stepdaughter Haylee got a message from her computer this weekend. Haylee loves to sit in the bathtub and have her computer either on the floor next to the tub or she sits it on the toilet seat. She just arrived home for spring break and was running a bath, but found herself in the living room talking to me, sharing some of her life’s concerns. Her mind wouldn’t rest. I continually told her, “Haylee, I would suggest you go get in the bath and meditate on this. See what God is trying to tell you.” But her mind was in charge, filled with chaos. During this time, I listened to her bath as it filled up. I said, “You might want to go check your bath.” In spite of saying this several times, she continued to vent. Well, wouldn’t you know it, when she went back to the bathroom, the tub had overflowed onto the floor and drenched her computer! What a mirror to what was going on in her mind! I kept telling her to go meditate and clean off the energy, and when she didn’t listen, she got a very clear message from the universe that this was indeed what she needed to do. That tub overflowing onto the computer and washing it was exactly what she needed to do to her mind! She needed to give it a bath! How wild is that?

Although Haylee’s computer is going into the repair shop, just to see how the universe works and that it is constantly sending us messages–even through our computers–is absolutely amazing!

So what is your computer trying to tell you? Does it make you feel controlling? Are you plowing through it not paying attention to the messages that are there? Is it reflecting beliefs of how you feel you deserve to be treated? Does it make you feel like a victim? I invite you to pay attention to the guidance God is giving you via your computer. You may be surprised at what you discover!

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