Why You’re Buried in Emotional Chaos

Emotional Chaos. Argh! Don’t you hate it? It’s that feeling of confusion. Sometimes it shows up as anger. Sometimes it shows up as frustration, sadness, or hopelessness. And almost always, it shows up as anxiety and stress. You try to suppress it. But the next thing you know, you’re blowing your stack or having an emotional meltdown. I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!

Emotional chaos comes from a battle within. The struggle between the “real you” versus who you think you “should be” to have happiness, peace, love and success. The real you is how God created you to be. The real you is true perfection in every sense, even with your quirks and flaws. The “other you” is filled with a bunch of “good girl rules.” Let me say this again…

Real You vs. Good Girl Rules = Emotional Chaos 

We mommas are taught to be good girls. That means to hold ourselves back like shadows, don’t stand out, put on your happy face mask, and whatever you do, don’t be selfish. You must deny yourself to put everyone else first.

Here’s the problem.

Being a good girl means you put God on the backburner.

How can you honor God if you don’t honor the way you were created? It’s when you put God back there that you suffer. You feel disconnected and alone. Thus, the reason you want to do so much for the ones you love. You don’t want them to feel the same way you do!

At the deepest part of us, we just want to experience love. Love shows up as peace, joy and abundance. It’s a sense of belonging and knowing that you are worthy of all that life has to offer. But as we mommas put ourselves on the backburner and separate from God, we perpetuate this cycle of pain and struggle.


If you want to be the best mom you can be, put God first. Take your white flag of surrender and say, “I’m putting God first today! I’m honoring and loving the way I was created! Woo hoo!”

The beautiful thing about surrendering the battle within is that you stop the cycle of emotional chaos. What a gift! Don’t you want to be this kind of example for your family?

I invite you to think how you might put God first in your life today by honoring and loving the way you were created. And if you gave yourself permission to release the good girl rules in your mind, how would your life change? How would you interact daily with the people around you? And how would it affect your judgments on others if you no longer expected them to be “good,” too? When you clean up the rules in your mind, you become an example of unconditional love for yourself and for others. You connect to God and become a messenger of love!

Please share your comments, questions and experience below!


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