Feeling Like a Burden

A couple of nights ago I taught my Free Introductory Enlightened Mom teleseminar.  For most of the evening I felt great about the event. I was passionate and alive about this path because I know it really works to help you create a life of peace, joy and abundance. 

The whole evening flowed until it was time to present the listeners with an offer to participate in the upcoming Enlightened Mom 4-week teleseminar called “Stepping onto the Path.”  Suddenly it felt like I had to shift from “giving,” which felt wonderful and easy, to “asking for something,” which felt icky and terrifying! 

I balked, big time.  My energy shifted, and I heard myself saying, “I HATE doing this part.”

Well, that’s not a very loving thing to say about your work!  How can I serve if I balk and pull back from inviting moms to connect more deeply to the life changing information these classes provide?  I realized, even in the moment it was happening, that if I am that uncomfortable asking people to buy, then they’re going to miss out on the really good stuff.

I went to bed feeling that something needed to shift and woke up the next morning knowing that I had to take a look to see what was going on.  I sat quietly and got grounded in God’s light.  Then I wrote a letter to God, sharing all of my feelings and concerns.  I switched my pen to the other hand and waited for a reply.

The message that came through my pen said the angels were laughing because they thought I was funny giving myself such a hard time. The next part of the message was what I really needed to hear.  “Terri,” it said, “you don’t want people to feel burdened by you.  You don’t want them to feel you need something from them.”

I have to say I was a little in shock by this.  I’ve done a LOT of work on myself over the years to release the negative thoughts and feeling of being a burden when I ask for what I want.  In fact, I’ve gotten really good about asking people for help, and I’m always writing letters to God and most always get the help I need…at least when I don’t block myself from some limiting belief that shuts me down to receiving it. 

To realize that this false belief about being a burden was still lingering in my subconscious truly took me by surprise. Then I was told to dive within and do some energy work, asking for the belief to be released that says I am a burden when I ask for what I want.

I closed my eyes and immediately saw Little Terri, the little girl within me, grabbing my hand and dragging me to a staircase.  In my mind’s eye, we flew to the bottom with my feet never touching the stairs.  Once there, little Terri opened a door.

I found myself living as a woman in Colonial times.  This is a lifetime I had seen before.  Only that time I had asked to clean up the belief that kept me from being joyous and creative in my home.  What I saw was that I had a tyrant of a husband who abused me and beat me.  He eventually killed me.

My life shifted dramatically after cleaning up the energy of that lifetime. By releasing the belief that said I would die if I did what I wanted in my home, I became a much happier wife and mom in this lifetime.  What I didn’t ask, however, is in what other areas that lifetime had affected me.  That’s why it showed up again in my meditation.  I saw the rest of the story.

My husband killed me in that lifetime because I had asked for what I wanted.  I took on the belief at that time that if I asked something of him, I became a burden to him.  And in the end, I died. No wonder I haven’t wanted to ask for what I want in this lifetime!

The guilt and pain that carried over from that lifetime to this one not only stifled my creativity and joy, but also my desire to ask for what I want.  I didn’t want to feel like a burden.

With this new realization, I released the energy back to the universe and called back the part of my soul that I had lost.

I can’t wait to see how this new awakening shifts my life!  I’m so excited!  And that’s why I get so passionate about this path of The Enlightened Mom.  There are so many tools to share with you about how to release the beliefs that shut you down to abundance. Whether the beliefs are from this lifetime or another, as you release them back to the universe, you create the life you’ve always wanted!

And now… I enthusiastically invite you to join me in the upcoming Enlightened Mom 4-week tele-class series – Stepping Onto the Path.  This course is powerful and, yes, it will change your life and your family’s life in so many amazing and wonderful ways!  For starters, you will learn the same tools that I used earlier this week to release my own subconscious limiting beliefs.  Click here for all of the details and to reserve your seat.

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