Authenticity equals freedom. Our greatest hope in life is to feel freedom, freedom from suffering, freedom from anger, freedom from judgment, freedom from pain. Our greatest hope is to feel love. What most of us don’t realize, however, is that we are responsible for creating this freedom. It isn’t something that we are given. It isn’t something we go to battle over. It isn’t something we have to fight for. Freedom is ours at any moment, at any time.  We have to choose it. It is something we create through our minds and our hearts. Freedom comes from within and it starts with you and me as individuals living authentically, breaking the good girl rules.

Authentic living is a choice to live from your heart and what you believe, stripping away all of the societal beliefs you’ve taken on since childhood. These rules reveal themselves as inner dialogue in your head. They are the good girl rules that create the battle within between who you feel you are supposed to be versus who you really are.

We grow up defining ourselves from the beliefs we’ve taken on. We choose our careers, our spouses, and our friends all based on these rules. The amount of abundance, prosperity, happiness, peace, creativity and love in our lives is all based on whether we are living from our hearts or whether we are stuck buried in the darkness of these beliefs.

Good girl rules don’t allow you to see all that you are. Instead you deny yourself.  This denial creates a battle within. Anger, frustration, blame, self-hate, judgment, and low self-esteem take over your life. That’s because you aren’t allowing yourself to live in your truth. You are denying you. You deny your purpose, you deny your creativity, and you deny the brilliance and the gift of who you are.

These negative attitudes and emotions resulting from our own self-denial are most often projected onto others. We don’t realize that we are really mad at ourselves. We take our feelings out on the world around us. We make others wrong, because we feel wrong. We accuse others of being bad, because we feel bad. And we deny others love, because we feel unloved. We perpetuate the cycle of self-hate. We become role models of self-denial and negativity for our children, our spouses, our friends, and all those we care about and love. But when we realize that how we react to others is how we really feel about ourselves, we can go within and heal.

By making the commitment to heal, you stop the cycle of anger, blame and judgment. You become an example of forgiveness and love.

It is up to us as individuals to find forgiveness for ourselves and to embrace our humanness. It is through embracing this uniqueness by releasing our good girl rules that we move into the spirit and create a greater connection to God.

Our greatest purpose is to feel connected to God. God is love. God is light. God is creativity. God is abundance. And God is freedom. We are the essence of God. We’ve just forgotten. But when you face yourself and release the rules in your mind, you find this connection. It is through this connection to God that you discover the love you’ve searched for your whole life and the freedom to share it.

The path to authentic freedom is a journey of miracles and discoveries. It is an adventure of the soul at the deepest level. It is an adventure of twists and turns, trust and love.  Most people are afraid of this kind of adventure for fear their world will change forever. They are right. It will.

It is time for you to live a life of freedom and love. Stop denying yourself.  Stop perpetuating the cycle of self-judgment. It’s time to let go of the good girl rules and say “Yes!” to you! You deserve to be loved. You deserve freedom. You deserve a life filled with passion, purpose and love.  If you don’t believe this then THIS is your first step into recognizing that you’re living by good girl rules. It’s time to let them go!


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    1. Thank you for being here, Bhumika! I’m so glad you’re finding freedom. You so deserve it! ~Terri

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