Boy, I Was Wrong!

I just bought a new car. Woo hoo! But the journey there was an interesting one. I was reminded of a big lesson during the process.

I drove a Cadillac CTS for the last ten years. I loved this car. I loved the way it took the mountain curves and I really loved its power. I even loved how it made its way, over and over again, up our one lane dirt road. It has been unstoppable. However, after ten years, it was time to get a new car. I thought I would be able to take my time to explore what I wanted, but that was not what the Universe had in store for me.

My hubby Charlie told me this last weekend that he had just gotten notice that if we purchased a car by February 28th, we could save money with some special deals. But it meant we had to act fast because they were going away by March 1st.

My first thought was to look at the Cadillac XT5. It’s their new crossover that I have eyed from afar and, since I’ve loved my sedan for so many years, I just knew it would be the right choice. But to make sure, I took a gander at every other SUV and crossover I could.

There was one car I avoided. It was the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Two of my kids had these cars in high school and college. My kids loved their cars back then. And, for my daughter Mackenzie who had several very gnarly accidents, her Jeep Grand Cherokee probably saved her life. I was so grateful for this, but I still had one issue with the car: I didn’t like the way it made me feel when I was a passenger. I often felt carsick and as if I were being slung around in it.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Terri, are you sure it wasn’t your kid’s driving?” Nope, it wasn’t. I felt this way when both of my girls were driving their Grand Cherokees. There was something about the way the car was built that made me sick. So, I made a decision to not give this car a chance.

Now, I am the first to admit that I have admired the new look of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. But under no circumstance was I going to consider it for my vehicle. I had made my mind up that the Cadillac was “it.”

But something kept eating at me. I just wasn’t as excited as I thought I should be about buying a new car. I love the Cadi crossover. I love the way it looks. And I love the way it drives. There is nothing to not like about this car. But the practical side of me kept feeling that it was going to be a tight fit for my dogs. They are BIG, and the backend of the Cadillac felt a little tight for them.

It hadn’t mattered in the past with my old Cadillac. My dogs didn’t fit in it either. But the good news was that we had a “dog car,” which was a 2009 Jeep Wrangler that we used for hiking and trekking around the mountains. But part of the decision Charlie and I made in buying this new car was that we would trade in not only my Cadillac, but also the Wrangler. Having three cars between the two of us was beginning to feel like overkill. So, we made a decision to get rid of the Wrangler, too.

All of these thoughts kept playing in my head and I continually imagined the life I wanted to create with my new car and my dogs. Would this new Cadillac fit the vision I had for my life? When I got real honest, it didn’t feel as if it were quite in alignment with my soul.

I woke up yesterday morning with the nagging feeling again that I might just be making the wrong choice. That’s when I checked in with myself and heard, “Terri, quit being so close-minded. You love the way the new Jeep Grand Cherokee looks, but you haven’t given this car a chance.”

So, literally, on my way to purchase the Cadillac, I stopped at my local Jeep dealership. I didn’t ask to drive a car. Instead, I shared my fears about being carsick with the young salesman that greeted me and said, “Before I even consider this car, and before I drive it, we’re going to determine how it makes me feel so I don’t waste your time. I need you to drive me around, please.” He laughed and we both jumped in.

I didn’t get carsick! Woo hoo! And, when I finally got behind the wheel, I felt a grin within.

“Boy, I was so wrong about this car!” reverberated in my head. That’s when I knew that I had found my new baby!

So, why am I sharing this story with you?

Because I am reminded how often we cut ourselves off from things that might be absolutely perfect for us because of old beliefs we’re holding onto.

Just think of the joy I might have missed out on if I had not listened to my intuition and took a U-turn on the way to the Cadillac car lot.

We tend to get stuck in old judgments and never take a look to see if they are still true or not. We all do this. Whether it’s about someone from the past that we didn’t like, or some type of work that didn’t ring true to our spirits, we tend to pigeonhole people and things, and never take a look at them again. We even do this with our partners and kids, our siblings, and our moms and dads. If they “acted” a certain way in the past, we assume they’ll do it again without ever giving them a chance.

So, what U-turn do you need to take? Is there something or someone in your life that you’re seeing with tainted eyes from old past beliefs? What are you ready to release?

If this story hits home in any way, I invite you to take some time checking in with yourself and ask, “In what way do I need to take off my blinders?” Then, hopefully, as you do and open up to the possibilities, you’ll be able to celebrate something fabulous coming into your life as I am doing today.


When you listen to your intuition as I did when I made that U-turn, you are listening to your soul. It’s your guide to unleashing your power and leading a life you love. Are you listening? Take the Worthiness Quotient Quiz and see what your soul wants you to know! Click on the graphic below to take the quiz now!



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  1. Buying a new car is,nt easy I remember my dad oncee he went looking he was in a bad mood for a week then after he bought one he had buyers remorse for another week is Charlie happy are the dogs happy? If so you should be happy you shure look good standing beside it!,,,

    1. Thank you, Bob! This was the fastest car hunt I’ve ever done. I’m so glad I listened to my intuition and followed it to go test ride in the car. I love it! We are all happy here. Thank you for asking!

  2. Oh my goodness….this blog was such a good reminder of how being open is so important. My crazy brain often has one way figured out, or in this case one car; however, there was a better car for you and your BIG dogs. Thanks for sharing this and being so transparent and authentic! Keep rocking Terri Britt!
    And I love the white Grand Cherokee….enjoy!!!!!

    1. Thank you Lynn! This whole car shopping adventure was indeed a reminder to stay open. Thank you for being here!

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