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Simone Biles & Her Balance Beam Bobble

Simone Biles is being touted as the best woman gymnast of all times. She’s the young US Olympian who’s taken the games by storm and won four gold medals. She is an absolute powerhouse and so much fun to watch. However, during the balance beam competition, she bobbled and put her hands down. That’s a big no-no. So, instead of winning the gold, she grabbed the bronze.

I can’t help but wonder how Simone feels about that one mistake. Will she be kind and gentle to herself and celebrate that she medalled? Or will she give herself a mental lashing?

Can you relate? How would you handle this? 

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The Secret to a Life of Grace & Ease

Ever wonder why so many people suffer? I have. I was one of those people who lived my life worrying about things, always in a constant struggle. I never believed life could be like it is now, filled with joy, abundance, grace and ease.

It took me a long time to get to the bottom of why I suffered. And there are many reasons that I’ve come across. But one of the biggest reasons was that I had a religious belief that said I am a sinner. I took that belief to mean that I am bad and not worthy of God’s abundance and love.

Over the years, I’ve chipped away at that old belief. I’ve read different definitions of what “sin” really means, one being an ancient archery term that means “off the mark.” But what I’ve learned through my own conversations with God is that sin means we are simply being human. And in our humanness, we disconnect from the love inside of us.

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7 Keys to a Fantastic Marriage

 “I want a marriage just like yours and Charlie’s.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that remark. People often ask me how I’ve been so lucky to have had two amazing marriages. I was married to my late husband Steve for almost 17 years prior to his passing from a massive heart attack. And I’ve been blessed to be married to my current hubby, Charlie, for the last eight years. However, I don’t believe that either marriage is due to luck. In fact, my first marriage to Steve was headed down a disastrous path until I made a decision early on to take the old marriage paradigm and boot it out the window once and for all. I let go of what a marriage is “supposed” to look like and, instead, created a different way of loving the man in my life. I’d like to share with you seven keys that I believe are the foundation of a fantastic marriage.

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What does “Put God first” REALLY mean?

What does “Put God first” REALLY mean? Like many, I was raised to believe that putting God first meant to put myself on the backburner and have compassion for everyone else. It meant that I had to treat others with thoughtfulness, love and kindness, but not do this for myself. Putting God first meant that everyone else’s feelings, opinions and dreams mattered, and I had to “be good” by suppressing my own. I was taught that THIS is love. But I didn’t feel very loving and often found myself mired in emotional chaos. That’s when I decided to make a shift. This is what I discovered.

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Why Is It So Hard to Relax?

Have you ever asked yourself why it’s so hard to relax sometimes? I spent Sunday afternoon on a pontoon boat, cruising around beautiful Lake Chatuge. This pristine oasis in the north Georgia mountains is surrounded by lush green rolling hills. And, unlike many lakes on a hot summer afternoon, Lake Chatuge isn’t that busy. It’s quiet and the water is slick as glass. So why did it take me so long to relax? 

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It’s Time to Release Anger, Frustration & Blame

In honor of our upcoming Independence Day here in the U.S., I feel called to share a FREE guided meditation with you that I have used for years to create freedom in every area of my life. You don’t even have to sign up for this gift. It’s completely free! It’s from my CD, Message Sent, and it’s called, “Releasing Anger, Frustration & Blame.”

I encourage you to use this meditation whenever you feel angry and frustrated, or when you hear yourself blaming others. In fact, you can use it for any negative emotion you’re feeling.

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Do You See the Signs?

Do you see the signs? We are in an awakening. Signs are everywhere. The recent horrific events in Orlando, as well as the stalemates in Congress, are signs telling us it’s time to go within and heal. We are being called to give birth to Christ within us. This isn’t about religion, but rather it’s about doing the healing work individually so that we might bring peace, love and joy into our hearts. It is only by healing the separateness within ourselves will our world stop mirroring pain and suffering back to us. I’m going to explain what I mean by mirroring and then I’ll share the messages of each individual sign in Orlando, as well as with our Congress, and what I believe they are telling us.

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Wake Up and Stop the Hate!

“What about the families?” That’s all I can think about since the brutal Orlando massacre over the weekend that killed 49 innocent victims at an LGBT nightclub. Like everyone, I am shocked and saddened, and still trying to make sense of this horrific crime. What really haunts me, however, is those who were estranged from their murdered loved ones because they were part of the LGBT community. Can you imagine what is going through their minds? Can you imagine the gut-wrenching guilt for being righteous due to shunning a loved one because he or she was gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender? Can you imagine the “what ifs?” Can you imagine a dad falling to his knees crying to God, saying, “Why? Why couldn’t I have loved my son? I am so sorry, God!!!” 

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Has Love Slipped Away?

Have you ever had love show up in your life only to feel it slip away? Do you ever question why you can’t find true happiness in your relationships? I received the following question from one of our readers and I wanted to share my answer with you in case it might help you, too.

I’ll call my reader Q. Here’s the note she wrote to me…

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3 Secrets to a Balanced Life

Does your life feel out of balance? Have you ever asked yourself why balance is so darn hard to achieve? I never really asked that question. I more or less stumbled upon the answer through my spiritual journey and by coaching people from all walks of life. Here’s what I discovered.

Balance is about doing AND receiving. We live in a world that says, “If I do, do, do THEN I will finally take the time to have some balance in my life.” This is absolutely the WRONG equation to create balance.

Here are 3 secrets to a balanced life:

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