3 Secrets to a Balanced Life

Does your life feel out of balance? Have you ever asked yourself why balance is so darn hard to achieve? I never really asked that question. I more or less stumbled upon the answer through my spiritual journey and by coaching people from all walks of life. Here’s what I discovered.

Balance is about doing AND receiving. We live in a world that says, “If I do, do, do THEN I will finally take the time to have some balance in my life.” This is absolutely the WRONG equation to create balance.

Here are 3 secrets to a balanced life:

  1. Commit to Finding YOUR Truth.

Most of us spend our lives never paying attention to how we really feel. As we do, do, do, we shut down our innate guidance system. Instead of listening to our sadness, anger, judgment, depression, competitiveness, resentment, blame or whatever negative emotion keeps us in lack, we stuff down our feelings.

Our positive feelings aren’t treated much better. We have those moments of passion, peace, joy and happiness, but don’t pay attention to what those emotions are really telling us.

Your negative feelings are blaring red flags screaming, “Hel-lo-o-o-o! Is anyone listening? You’re out of alignment. You are not honoring who you were created to be.”

Your positive feelings shout, “Congratulations! You’re standing in your truth.”

As you make a commitment to pay attention to your feelings and allow them to guide you to your truth, and then give yourself permission to stand in this truth, you align with God. It is this connection to unconditional love that you begin to trust that you are enough and take a giant step to slowing down and creating a life of balance.

  1. Open Up to Your Intuition and Listen

Most of us spend our lives in our heads trying to figure out what needs to be done to get ahead. This is what creates the doing, doing, doing. But as you connect to your truth and align with God, you get a direct link to higher wisdom. You feel guided and supported. But the key is that you must pay attention to your intuition.

To tap into your intuition and higher wisdom you have to make a conscious decision to stop, get present, and listen. One of the best ways to do this is to spend time in meditation, prayer, journaling, or taking walks in nature by yourself. For some, gardening is a wonderful way to get connected. And for others, taking a quiet bike ride works well. Whatever takes you out of your mental games and into the present time is what is right for you.

Interestingly, most feel guilty for taking this kind of time to get present and connect. But it’s the guilt that keeps you on a perpetual hamster wheel of staying in your head. Let go of the guilt and know that it is only by making this connection will you begin to find balance.

Once you feel present, ask yourself simple questions such as, “What is my path for the highest good?” Or, “How can I be of service?” And another one might be, “What would unconditional love look like in my life?” or “What will bring the most joy to my life?”

By taking time to connect, ask questions and listen, you tap into higher wisdom to guide your life with grace and ease.

  1. Take Inspired Action

Most of the action we take is from ego. This is the “doing” again. Inspired Action is different. When you think about being inspired, you feel excited and alive. You feel as if you can do just about anything.

Inspired Action comes from your heart, not your head.

Think back to a time when you “got a hit” to do something and you followed it. What showed up in your life? I got a big hit last week in a big way. It was the most glorious day because I followed it.

I woke up in the morning feeling as if I needed more fun in my life. I felt a little sad. My life had become too routine and I knew I needed an adventure. So I paid attention to my feelings and stood in my truth to say yes to more fun.

I went into meditation to see what I needed to feed my soul and I got a hit to head to Atlanta to my favorite spiritual bookstore. I called my friend, Tier, and invited her to come along.

As soon as Tier and I walked into the bookstore, we met a beautiful woman from St. Lucia. Evelyn was her name. The three of us were like magnets to each other. We all knew immediately that our meeting was absolutely divine. We spent the whole afternoon and into the evening at dinner sharing our hearts and our miraculous journeys. I knew without a doubt after hearing Evelyn’s story that she had come into my life to remind me how much fun it is to play with energy. I had forgotten how joyous I felt when I first began working with energy and the other side. Over the years, it had somehow begun to feel like work because I had gotten stuck in doing the same things. But Evelyn inspired me to dive back deep into these gifts and explore new avenues of playing with energy.

I feel so on fire about this reawakening! And it all happened because I took the three steps to a balanced life. I allowed my feelings to guide me to my truth of needing more fun. I listened to my intuition that said to drop everything for the day and head to the bookstore. And I took inspired action. Not only did I have more fun than I’ve had in a long time, I opened up to all kinds of new possibilities to feed my soul.

What is your truth telling you? What are you not listening to? If you sat down right now and asked what it is you need to create more balance, what answer would you receive? Would you take action?

If you want to create balance in your life, I invite you to make a commitment to stand in your truth, listen to your intuition and take inspired action. You never know what will show up when you do!


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