Are You Living Your True Purpose?

OYWW RECAP: Are You Living Your True Purpose? If you’re not sure, don’t miss this week’s Own Your Worth Wednesdays healing session. As I say over and over in the video below 😜😂, it was so COOL! We did coaching with three participants who were all dealing with stepping into their purpose as a Woman Leader of Love. I believe you will get a clearer picture of what your purpose is, too, by the end of the broadcast. Watch the full OYWW REPLAY at Women Leaders of Love. Enjoy!
And if you’d like to have more free meditations to help you see your truth and live with purpose, grab my free Worthiness Quotient Breakthrough Bundle. It consists of my Women Leaders of Love ebook and three guided meditations to help you step into your greatest calling. One of the meditations even guides you to look intuitively at the people you love to see what gift you give them by leading with love. You can grab the free bundle at
By grabbing the free gift above, you will also be added to our Zoom list. So, if you should want to join us in the live Zoom portion of this OYWW call every Wednesday at 2 pm EDT, you will get the Zoom link in your inbox every Tuesday and Wednesday. Otherwise, you can watch the live show or the replay every week right here on Facebook.
P.S. Please invite your friends to join us. The more women who step up and into their purpose as leaders of love, the more love we bring onto the planet!

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