Are you being too hard on yourself?

If you’re ready to stop being hard on yourself, don’t miss this week’s replay of our Own Your Worth Wednesdays broadcast. Watch it in our private Women Leaders of Love FB community at Women Leaders of Love. If you’re not a member, simply ask to join.

These broadcasts are live weekly via FB or on Zoom where you may ask your questions and receive coaching and healing from me. Watch your inbox every Tuesday and Wednesday to get the Zoom link. And if you’re not a member of our mailing community and would like to join us on these Zoom calls, go to to get my FREE gift. Or go to to take the Worthiness Quotient Quiz and see how open you are to receiving all the goodness you deserve. By going to either of these links, you will be added to the Zoom list.

We meet for these Own Your Worth Wednesdays broadcasts every week at 2 pm EDT. Come have fun with us and tell your friends! We are taking a stand for loving ourselves so we might create change in the world. Step into your greatest calling as a Women Leader of Love!

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