Are You Acknowledging Yourself Enough?

It’s the end of the school year and there are LOTS of activities, being that my step-daughter is graduating this week and my youngest is finishing her junior year in high school.  Sometimes I feel as if my head is chasing my tail, but through it all, I try to stay an observer to what is going on around me.

While attending a recent event, I heard a teary-eyed girl say, “I’ve worked so hard on everything!  Somebody better acknowledge me for the job I’ve done.”

How many times have you felt that way?  How many times have you worked your tail to the bone and felt as if no one, not your spouse, your kids, your boss, nor your friends, acknowledged you and said, “You’ve done an awesome job!”

We have been trained in our world to base how we feel about ourselves on what others tell us.  And if we don’t get the accolades we want, we feel we’re not good enough.  This is especially true as mommas.

We mommas don’t get a lot of acknowledgment from the world.  We run our booties into the ground and most often never hear a loving or kind word…especially from ourselves!  We keep waiting for that acknowledgment from our spouses and kids.  But more often than not, we come up short, feeling as if we have to do a BETTER job than we just did.

I’d like to invite you to re-think this mindset.  Think of how the world acknowledges you as a reflection of how you acknowledge yourself.  If you’re not hearing loving, kind words around you, on a deep subconscious level, you somehow feel you don’t deserve this kind of love.

To shift this mindset you have to FIRST ACKNOWLEDGE YOURSELF.  I invite you to make this the new conversation in your head.  Instead of focusing on what you think you might be doing wrong and, thus, are living from guilt, try focusing on lovingly acknowledging yourself.

Pat yourself on the back for the little things you feel good about.  Make a list regularly. Take a few moments each day to love yourself this way.  Just by taking this kind of action is acknowledgment in itself.

I’ve created a group in our Enlightened Mom Global Community to support you with shifting your mindset.  It’s called, “I Acknowledge Myself Today for…”  I encourage you to take advantage of this group and pat yourself on the back each day.  CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!

Acknowledging yourself regularly is a huge step in creating a life of joy and abundance. And the more you do it for yourself, you realize you don’t need it from everyone else!

Until next time…


P.S.  For those of you who haven’t checked out our global community for moms, please know that it, as well as all of the groups in it, are free.  We invite you to join us and begin loving and acknowledging yourself today!

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