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I know what it’s like to feel stuck in life. Or to feel in emotional chaos. Whether it’s with work, family, or myself, I get how it feels. I also understand how it is when you want to make changes but are not sure how to do that for yourself. Sometimes we just need an outside perspective to give us clarity. Well that’s what I’m here to do!

I’m an energetic healer and life coach. I’ve been helping people for over 15 years! I love using my gifts to help people shift their lives energetically, emotionally and spiritually! That’s why I’ve created the ASK TERRI here on my website.  So what area of your life needs a shift? Where do you feel stuck? I want to hear from you!

Click on the plus sign to reveal the form and ask  your questions or leave comments. My intention is to answer as many questions as I can with my weekly blogs!  Your name will remain anonymous unless you tell us otherwise.

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Have you ever heard the good girl rules below? I bet you have heard these and more!
1. Don’t rock the boat.  You have to conform to make people happy.
2. Don’t receive.   It’s selfish.
3. Don’t be bold and passionate.
4. Put on your happy-face mask.  Don’t let your true feelings show.
5. Don’t follow your heart, it might hurt others. Their wants and desires matter more than yours.

Have you ever thought or felt the statements below?
1. I feel stuck and that I have no choices.
2. I feel resentful, sad and hopeless because others can have what they want.  But I can’t.
3. I feel angry because no one is listening to me.
4. I feel alone.

And other negative, draining thoughts and feelings?

You Don't Have To Be Good

Terri Britt; Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach, Award Winning Author and Former Miss USA
I didn’t expect to feel the absolute sheer joy I feel now after doing Terri’s workshop. I feel like I’m reborn! 

I’m in the first stages of writing my third book!

I am so excited to be developing the next book for all the girls (ladies) out there.  I know you agree that it is time to Break The Good Girl Rules!  I thought it would be fun and inspiring to hear your thoughts on what you would like to see in my next book.  What do you struggle with most?  What is the one good girl rule that shakes you to the core?  Maybe you would like to share your thoughts and feelings. I want to hear from you! 

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Terri Britt; Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach, Award Winning Author and Former Miss USA
Terri shows you how to heal your life, helping you become a more joyful, loving mom. I’ve personally experienced Terri’s work and it is absolutely life-transforming!”

Be Love. Be YOU this Holiday!

  • December 9th, 2014

When we think of the holidays, two thoughts come to mind: stress and gifts. We put so much pressure on ourselves to do it right for everyone else that we often tend to forget our greatest gift to give. YOU are the greatest gift you can give another. I’m not talking about the YOU that tries to do everything right. I’m talking about the YOU that is beautiful from the inside out.

Sitting in Gratitude for My Hubby’s Heart Surgery

I am sitting in gratitude today that my hubby is alive. We just found out that he has to have a triple bypass open-heart surgery this coming Monday. He’s got one artery that is blocked about 95%, one that is about 80-85%, and another that is 60-70%. Plus, the docs found a deformity of the heart that needs to be fixed. If I’m real honest, this news shook me up at first. Memories of my late hubby, Steve, dying of a massive heart attack engulfed me. But as a dear friend reminded me, Charlie is not Steve. Charlie is on his own journey and got signs to take care of his heart. Steve did not until the very end and then he thought it was his back that was hurting. Thankfully, after my friend’s wise words, I allowed myself to let go of the past and got present with Charlie’s […]